How To Crochet Linen Stitch – FREE Tutorial

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This is a free tutorial for creating the crochet Linen stitch also known as Moss or Granite crochet stitch. The tutorial has both photos and videos.

Don’t be intimidated. The amount of names a stitch goes by is not proportional to its complexity.

The crochet linen stitch (commonly also known as the granite stitch, the moss stitch and also referred to as the woven stitch and the seed stitch according to other sources) is a very simple stitch that provides a beautiful alternating texture.

But why so many names? Who knows.

Maybe it’s because it’s such a great stitch that has many uses. Whatever the reason, this stitch is a must-know!

If you are looking for a stitch that has more names than instructional steps, look no further. Please read below for the tutorial.

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Crochet Linen stitch Tutorial - by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Linen Stitch Details

I was recently asked to make a tutorial on how to crochet Linen Stitch which is also known as the Granite or Moss Stitch.

As I really enjoy making crochet tutorials, I jumped right into it.

This stitch is actually very easy to crochet. This stitch become very popular and well known once color pooling became a trend.

If you have not tried color pooling, you should check out my review on a book that is all about Color Pooling.

Color Pooling aka Yarn Pooling is when the yarn is a variegated yarn and is crocheted using the moss stitch to create beautiful patterns just using the colors of the yarn.

crochet color pooling

I decided the break up the moss stitch tutorial into 2 parts.

One part explains and shows how to do the stitch flat and the other part shows how to do it in a round.

Both have separate video tutorials to lead you thru the steps on how to start and continue with the moss stitch.

If you want to learn more special and advanced stitches, please check out my other crochet tutorials HERE.

Crochet Linen Stitch Written Instructions:

How to do the linen stitch flat

1. First make a chain of a ODD number. Then you skip the first 2 chains and make a single crochet into the 3rd chain from the hook. I am pointing my finger at it here.

start of crochet linen stitch worked flat

2. This is what it will look like after.

row one of linen stitch

3. Next, you chain 1 and skip 1 stitch.

crochet linen stitch

4. You will repeat this now. Here is the sequence repeat again: 1 sc, ch 1, sk 1 st

end of row one

5. At the end of the row, you will ch 2, turn and place 1 sc into the first chain space from the previous row (my finger points to it).

starting second row of crochet linen stitch

6. You will now repeat the same steps as the previous row.

Linen Stitch - Crochet Tutorial - by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

7. After crocheting multiple rows, the front and the back will look identical, just like the picture shows below.

finished sample

See, this stitch is super easy. Let me now show you the video tutorial of this stitch before showing you how to make this stitch in a round.

Video tutorial for the Linen Stitch Made Flat

I have also made a video tutorial for visual learners, you can find it on my YouTube Channel.

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How to Make Crochet Linen Stitch in a Round

1. Make a chain of an EVEN number and slip stitch to connect and make a loop. Then ch 2.

linen stitch in the round crochet

2. Now skip 1 stitch and crochet 1 sc in the next stitch.

linen stitch in the round crochet round one

3. Continues this sequence repeat: 1 sc, ch 1, skip 1 stitch. The last stitch should end in 1 sc (no chain or skipped stitch).

linen stitch in the round crochet tutorial

4. By the end of the round, either continue the rounds without slip stitches (continuous rounds, be sure to use a stitch marker) or use a slip stitch like me. I slip stitched into the chain space created in the beginning of the round.

linen stitch in the round

5. Here you can see the chain space more clearly. Be aware that when the last stitch is only 1 sc, the next stitch shown (the first stitch of the round is the chain space). That would be different for the continuous rounds, as you still need to make the chain of 1.

linen stitch in the round tutorial

6. Ch1 for the turning chain. Now crochet and repeat: 1 sc, ch 1, sk 1 st

round two

7. By the end of the round, you will slip stitch into the first sc that you created for that round.

finish round two

8. Ch 2 (1 for the turning chain and 1 for the chain space), skip 1 stitch, then crochet repeat: 1 sc, ch 1, sk 1 st. The last stitch ends with 1 sc (no chain or skipped stitch).

start of round three

9. Now repeat that sequence for as many rounds as needed.

crochet linen stitch in round finished sample

Let me know show you how to crochet this stitch by showing you the video tutorial for this stitch.

Video tutorial to show how to crochet the Linen stitch in a Round

Final Thoughts

I hope you love this crochet linen stitch tutorial as much as I do. 

If you love it, please use the social media share buttons above or below and share it with the world and your friends. 

Do not forget to pin it to your Pinterest Board so you can easily find it later.

That way you will find it easily again when you need it and also provide the world and your friends with the ability to gain extra crochet knowledge. 

And to top it off, you help me as it allows me to create more content that you love already and want to see more of – free crochet patterns and tutorials. So, thank you for sharing.


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Crochet Linen Stitch worked flat and in round
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