How to Crochet The Box Stitch Tutorial – Horizontal C2C aka Tulip Stitch

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This is a free tutorial for the box stitch aka tulip crochet stitch. It is also known as the straight box stitch. This stitch is worked in a similar fashion to the Corner-to-Corner (C2C) pattern but in the horizontal direction instead of vertical. The tutorial contains photos and videos.

If you look really hard, you can sort of make out a tulip, right? Or maybe the tulip is really obvious to you already. For me, I had to study this stitch for about five minutes before I could honestly say, “Well, yeah. Sure.

There’s sort a tulip-like shape in this area. But regardless whether the namesake is apparent to you to not, there’s no denying that the texture of this stitch is beautiful.

Whether you want to use floral stitch patterns in your projects or just love the texture. Please read below to learn how to make the box stitch with my tutorial.

How do you crochet a straight box stitch?

Luckily the Tulip stitch is also known as the straight box stitch. That makes a lot more sense, looking at the stitch texture. The straight box stitch tutorial shows you crochet horizontally in little double crochet boxes.

When looking at a project with this box stitch tutorial you could almost say it looks like Corner to Corner (C2C) stitch. Yes, you are right.

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The boxes are made the same way. Just that you work the C2C diagonally whereas the straight box stitch (or tulip stitch) horizontally.

When it comes to beautiful and elegant, but fast stitch patterns, crocheting the tulip stitch is for sure on the top of the list.

Crochet Tulip Stitch aka Straight Box stitch

What To Use This Stitch For?

You can use the Straight Box Crochet Stitch for many different things. Such as blankets, scarves, hats or anything else that is easier a crocheted square, rectangle or three-dimensional circle.

I am pretty sure, I will use this stitch for my next blanket pattern. My brain is already spinning with ideas on which colors to use and how big to make it.

I can even imagine this box stitch for a wonderful bag that has some lining inside. The bag does not sag when adding items such as your yarn skeins or crochet projects.

Alright, I will get out my crochet project journal and get my ideas down before I will forget them.

In the meantime, let me teach you how to crochet this amazing textured tulip stitch. It is made mainly out of double crochets, single crochets and chains. Check out my box stitch tutorial below.

Having single crochets in this stitch pattern is one of the few things that makes this stitch different from the corner to corner stitch pattern.

In case you are curious about the crochet hook I am using and loving, they are called Furls Crochet Hooks and I especially love the Odyssey crochet hooks.

They are made out of metal and have more weight in the front which makes it easier and faster to crochet. I wrote an entire review on these beautiful hooks.

How to Crochet Straight Box aka Tulip Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

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How to Crochet Horizontal Rows of C2C – Tulip aka Straight Box Crochet Stitch Photo Tutorial

1. Make a chain of a multiple of 4 plus 5 for the turning chain. Next, crochet 3 dc in the 5th ch from the hook. *Skip 3 chains and place 1 sc in the next ch. Ch 3 and place 3 dc in the same st as the sc. Now repeat from * until the end stopping after the last sc is placed. Turn

Straight box Crochet Stitch tutorial
how to crochet the tulip stitch with 2 straight box stitches

2. Next, chain 5 (some tutorials make it with 4) and place 3 dc in the 5th ch from the hook (in the 4th ch if you made only 4 chains). *Skip [1sc, 3 dc] and place 1 sc in the ch-3 space. Chain 3 and place 3 dc’s in the same ch-3 space. Repeat from * until the end of the row finishing with 1 sc. Turn

Crochet the Straight Box Stitch Pattern
How to crochet the Box Stitch Pattern quickly

3. Now, you will repeat step 2 until you are finished with your project.

Crocheting the Stitch in horizontal rows
Crochet C2C horizontally

4. Once you have crocheted the Tulip Stitch for several rows, it should look like this. It is a very beautiful stitch that will remind anyone of the Corner to Corner stitch pattern.

Now you will also have an easier time crocheting horizontal color stripes with a stitch pattern that looks like the C2C, but it is not.

If you are more of a visual learner, then the above box stitch video tutorial will for sure help you out with this amazing and stunning tulip stitch pattern.

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Final Thoughts…

I hope you love the Tulip Stitch Tutorial, aka straight box stitch, as much as I do. If you love this tutorial and technique, please use the social media share buttons above or below.

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Crochet Straight Box stitch also known as the tulip stitch
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  1. Do you think this stitch can be used to make a graphghan? I’ve only started crocheting simple graphghans with c2c, but am looking for a graphghan stitch that can be done horizontally. Thank you for sharing this stitch.

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