How To Crochet Invisible Decrease – BEST Photo and Video Tutorial

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This Tutorial focuses solely on how to crochet the Invisible Single Crochet Decrease. I will go in-depth on where you would use it. How to do it using photos as well as provide you with a great detailed video tutorial as well.

So grab your yarn and hook, so you can follow me along as I teach you how to do this incredibly simple, but not well-known crochet secret tip.

It will change the way you finish crocheting spheres, amigurumi, and even hats. It will reduce the number of gaps and holes that are normally created when you crochet decreases.

With this crochet tip, there are simply no gaps at all. So are you ready for this? Let’s take a look at crochet invisible decrease using the single crochet stitch.

Invisible Single Crochet Decrease Tutorial

Why would I need to know to crochet Invisible Decrease?

Projects such as Amigurumis or hats as well as bags or other crochet projects require decreases. This technique will help you prevent these ugly gaps. These are created when crocheting two single crochet stitches together to make one.

Especially for Amigurumis that is very important as you do not want to have the poly-fill become visible. I recently created a free Amigurumi Octopus crochet pattern where I used this technique to make sure I could make one for little babies.

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Furthermore, it will look simple much neater when you crochet invisible decrease. I know that Kali from The Friendly Red Fox uses this technique all the time when making her incredibly adorable Amigurumis.

Besides, you might be a crochet maker who crochets for a living and sells their crochet items. You probably want to make sure you have a good quality crochet item that where you cannot tell where you increased or decreased at the first glance.

Having said that, I remember when I learned how to crochet, and was not taught how to crochet the invisible decreases. I was always very upset and thought that there must be a way to make invisible single crochet decreases.

After doing some research I finally learned how to do it and I felt like I was on cloud 9. My projects finally look professional.

I have tried using this technique for other stitches. Such as half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet, but I felt that the gap was bigger using those bigger stitches. However, that was not the case for single crochet.

So, now let me teach you how to crochet invisible decrease using Single Crochet Stitch.

Invisible Single Crochet Decrease

If you have trouble understanding the Invisible Single Crochet Decrease using photos, I have also created a video tutorial for it.

Video Tutorial for the Invisible Single Crochet Decrease

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How do I crochet the Invisible Decrease With Single Crochet ?

1. First, insert your hook through the front loop of the first stitch where you need to decrease.

invisible single crochet decrease

2. Next, insert your hook thru the front loop of the second stitch that is used for the decrease. You kind of bend the hook around to get to it. Then, yarn over, like a normal single crochet.

hidden decrease crochet through front loops only
single crochet invisible decrease

3. Then pull the yarn thru 2 loops on your hook (the front loops of the 2 stitches).

4. Then finish the stitch up like a normal single crochet by yarning over and pulling thru both loops on your hook. You have made crochet invisible decrease.

invisible decrease single crochet

5. You now created an invisible single crochet decrease. Having gone through the front loops of those stitches that you need to decrease helps to prevent gaps. It truly is an amazing trick. Be sure to tell your crochet friends about it.

invisible single crochet decrease close up

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Invisible Single Crochet Decrease Secret tip

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crochet INVISIBLE Single Crochet Decrease
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  1. Going to give this a try with baby booties as I always end up with ugly gaps when shaping the front. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. Wow! This is a great tip! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your talent and expertise! I appreciate it very much!!

    1. Or even 70!! Crocheting knows no age barrier, nor gender barrier nor personal background barrier. It unites all of us who have the love of crochet and who delight in creating something ourselves! We’re all sisters and brothers in crochet! I love this!! ☺️

  3. Thank you, Nicki, for this fantastic tip! I love the way it works for amigurumi, especially, so the filling doesn’t show through! I was also living in San Diego until recently. I lived there for quite a few years & my son still is there. I’m not too far away, in Phoenix, but of course the difference between the two places is like night and day! ? I visit San Diego often to get my “San Diego fix” and to see my son & twin grandchildren! You’re an awesome designer and I see you just getting better and better! I loved the video for the piggy tissue holder in which you appeared! You were really good! ? Maybe you should consider acting as a side line to crochet designing! You’re not too far away from L.A. after all! Seriously, I do love your blog and You Tube channel and follow you religiously to see what you’ve come up with next! Keep up with your great designing and oh, so helpful, tips and tricks, like your invisible decrease in single crochet. I’m going to be using this from now on when working Amigurumi. I’m enjoying watching you grow in your designs and helpful videos! ???✂️?. Charlotte, Phoenix, AZ USA ??

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