How to Finish Your Crochet Project – Best Weaving in Ends Tools

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Learn how to weave in your ends with the best tools that are fun and allow you to finish your crochet project with joy. Yarn threader, cutter, and needle mentioned in the Crafty Crochet Review Show.

I remember when I was a beginner crocheter. I was excited but nervous. Nervous that my ends might become loose and my project would fall apart. I even thought I just need to knot it and then cut as close as I can to the very very tight knot. I seriously thought that was the right way – until it fell apart and I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it and weave it in the right way. I lost a lot of projects that way. But then I learned the right techniques. My projects are now super secure and I won’t have to worry about anything getting unraveling.

Now I know that weaving in ends sometimes are not fun. But I have a few tips for you. First, make sure you do it as you go. So if you use a lot of colors in your projects, weave in your ends as you finish a specific yarn color. That way you have less weaving in at the end.

Next tip, make sure you use the right technique and the right tools to make it more fun and enjoyable to weave in those yarn tails. I have 3 awesome tools I use and they are a blast to use. For sure. And it makes it all go by really quickly.

The first one is my handy dandy Bent Darning Needles. I can’t live without them. They are like the ergonomic version of the straight commonly used needles. Get yourself a set. You will not be sorry. Trust me.

My other 2 favorite tools are the Yarn Threader and the Yarn Cutter. I love the yarn threader. SO much quicker then twisting your yarn to get the yarn through the eye of the needle. OMG such a joy to use this tool. And the yarn cutter is better than scissors as you won’t cut yourself or rip your pouches. And they are both just super handy. I can’t decide which is my favorite of the three. Love them all. So needed. All by WeCrochet.

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Finish Your Crochet Project with the best tools – Video Review

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Finish your crochet project - weave in ends
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