10 Beautiful Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns with Charts

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With mosaic crochet, you can create beautiful home decor and fashion accessories with stunning geometric patterns. These amazing patterns feature intricate designs that are deceptively easy to make!

At first glance, you may think mosaic crochet designs are intricate and would be complicated to make. I’m here to assure you that this is actually a beginner-friendly technique, made up of basic crochet stitches. It’s enough of a challenge to keep experienced crocheters interested but totally manageable for an advanced beginner.

While this roundup focuses on home decor and accessory patterns, mosaic crochet is a versatile crochet colorwork technique that can be applied to various projects, such as blankets, scarves, or even wearables. It’s a great way to explore yarn colors, texture, and different hook sizes in your projects while still using familiar and straightforward stitches. Just follow a simple mosaic chart and you can create an impressive design that you can be proud of.

10 Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns

10 Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns

There are two main variants of mosaic patterns: overlay and inset (or interlocking). Overlay stitches are made in the front or back loop only. In my opinion, overlay is the easiest and fastest way to crochet this technique and it also saves yarn. You can find my overlay mosaic crochet tutorial here.

Interlocking mosaic crochet uses double crochets and chains to create a design on the right side and the wrong side, making it reversible. Both layered techniques create a super thick and cozy fabric.

I have included a variety of patterns in both overlay and inset mosaic crochet so you can try them both and see which style you prefer. Most of these patterns include written instructions and mosaic charts to help you visualize where to place the stitches.

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Swirly Mosaic Crochet Bag

Although this bag is called the Swirly Mosaic Crochet Bag, it features more than just mosaic crochet. In fact, this pattern used to be part of the Multi-Stitch Mystery Crochet Along.

So if you want to give your crochet skills a real workout, this pattern allows you to practice 5 different stitch techniques, including mosaic crochet, thermal crochet, linked crochet, C2C, and knit-look crochet. Each stitch technique has its own special features.

You can find the MOSAIC CROCHET BAG PATTERN, with detailed instructions, free on my website.

Swirly Mosaic Crochet Bag

Mosaic Crochet Baby Blanket

Make this beautiful mosaic crochet blanket as a gift for the special little one in your life. The eye-catching diamond pattern makes this a unique and beautiful design that will be cherished for years to come.

I used soft, muted colors for this mosaic crochet blanket pattern, but you could choose different colors for a more contrasting look if you desire. No matter which colors you choose, this baby blanket will delight the expectant mom and all of her guests at your next baby shower.

Get the free MOSAIC BLANKET PATTERN FOR BABIES right here on my site.

Mosaic Crochet Baby Blanket

Garland Mosaic Crochet Hooded Cowl

This dazzling hooded cowl uses mosaic crochet to create cascading diamonds. It’s worked in a beautiful self-striping yarn with gradual color changes, that captures the beauty of sparkling icicles.

Although it looks cool as ice, this hooded cowl scarf will keep you warm and toasty. In overlay mosaic crochet, you work double crochet stitches over the previous row and into the stitch two rows down. The overlay creates an extra thick fabric that’s double-thick to protect you against chilly winter winds.

You can get this gorgeous MOSAIC CROCHET HOODED COWL PATTERN free on my blog.

Garland Hooded Cowl Pattern

Mosaic Crochet Pouch with Illusion Squares

This free crochet pouch pattern with illusion squares includes three easy-to-follow video tutorials. Whether you’re an adventurous beginner or a well-practiced yarn enthusiast, it offers a fun way to create a unique and beautiful project.

It’s the perfect way to master the mosaic crochet technique while producing an item you’ll be proud to show off. And, it’s an economical way to make a stylish gift for a friend or family member. With this pattern, you’ll use the overlay mosaic crochet technique to construct a pouch featuring 3D illusion squares all around.

Get the free pattern and crochet graph for the MOSAIC CROCHET POUCH right here on this site.

Zippered Pouch with Illusion Squares

April Interlocking Crochet Square

This blanket square features a quilt-like design, where the center X seems to explode from the middle. As is characteristic of interlocking mosaic crochet, the design appears very similar from the front or back, making it reversible!

If, after making one square, you find yourself hooked on interlocking mosaic crochet, you’ll be thrilled to know that this square is part of a set of 12 blanket squares. So you can make two to form a pillow cover or keep going and create an entire blanket, if you like!

FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the free mosaic crochet pattern, charts, and video tutorial.

April Interlocking Crochet Square by Kickin Crochet

Mosaic Crochet Mug Rug

These quick and easy mug rugs in 100% cotton yarn are a great starting place to practice overlay mosaic crochet before you commit to larger projects. As an added plus, you end up with a useful crochet project that will protect your furniture from water stains.

You can also use this small project to experiment with different yarns or color schemes. As pictured below, the designer inverted the colors to create a totally different look.

Get the mosaic crochet pattern and chart free by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Mosaic Crochet Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

Mosaic Squares Plant Pot Cover

Mosaic crochet is not limited to flat projects like blankets and coasters. You can also use it to add eye-catching patterns to 3D crochet projects, like home decor items. This stylish plant pot cover uses overlay mosaic crochet to create a grid of squares.

You can use a colorful self-striping yarn to make a bright and cheerful cover. Or try neutrals for a calm and inviting look. And why stop at plant pots? You can use this pattern to make a crochet cozy for any 4-inch round container.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free home decor pattern and chart.

Mosaic Squares Plant Pot Cover by Juniper & Oakes

Through the Window Clutch

You can also use mosaic crochet to add striking geometric patterns to fashion accessories. For instance, take this fun and colorful clutch. It gets its from its stitch pattern of repeated squares, which looks like a window pane.

This crochet bag looks beautiful in two solid colors or with a solid main color and a variegated yarn. Make it in cotton yarn to create a durable bag that will stand up to being pulled and pushed around in a larger bag or purse.

You will find the free clutch pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Through the Window Clutch by Cre8tion Crochet

Your Weekday Cowl

You can work mosaic crochet in the round, too, as in this stunning two-colored cowl. Since you crochet it in the round, it’s seamless, which those who don’t like sewing will appreciate.

And of course, due to the layered nature of mosaic crochet, it’s extra thick and cozy to protect your neck against the cold.

CLICK HERE to get the free mosaic crochet cowl pattern.

Your Weekday Cowl by Joy of Motion Crochet

Desert Cactus Mosaic Crochet Blanket

This gorgeous blanket in interlocking mosaic crochet features a boho-inspired desert theme in earthy tones. You’ll see many aspects of a desert – cacti, mountains, and a starry sky – as well as various geometric designs.

The pattern includes two options for a border. If you can’t get enough of mosaic crochet, you can make the mosaic crochet border pictured below. Or you can follow the instructions for a simple border.

Get the free witch gnome crochet pattern by CLICKING HERE.

Desert Cactus Blanket by Briana K Designs

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10 Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns
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