New Year’s Eve Crochet Pattern & Tutorial LINK BLAST Countdown

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The year is winding down, and we start reflecting, but we also want to enjoy the love of crocheting. Let’s do it with our annual Crochet Link Blast.

It’s becoming a tradition now since this is our second annual Crochet Link Blast for New Year’s Eve. Most crocheters are home on New Year’s Eve and simply want to relax with their yarn and crochet hook on hand. But we also like to get inspired all while reflecting on the past year, with all its ups and downs.

Sometimes, we’ll find a gem or two that we missed and simply need to make a plan to get started to work on it. Yes, that can apply to many things, not just crochet. Most would consider them “resolutions”. Well, you can have crochet or yarn resolutions and never actually finish them. We all know them, have seen them, and even experienced them.

New Years Eve Blast

That is why I prefer to use “Smart Goals”. I created a FREE PDF for you in case you want to get your smart goals organized for the new year.

But what does this have to do with the Crochet Blast?

Well, when you get inspired during the Crochet Blast, you can start making plans to either learn a new stitch, a new to you crochet tip, or work on a crochet pattern you really love to make.

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The Crochet Blast is fun and inspiring.

So let’s start the year 2023 with a Crochet BLAST! 🥳️

A Link Blast as Countdown to New Year ❤️

First, you will join my Facebook group “Crocheting with Nicki” as that is where I will host the event. It allows us to communicate and have fun.

Next, you will come to the group on December 31, 2023 starting at 10am, PT. I will post one free crochet pattern OR crochet tutorial link to the group every 30 minutes. The event will end at midnight PT!

To make the links easier to find – since Facebook likes to mix up the post and not keep them in order – simply search the group for the hashtag #NYEBLAST2023

New year's eve crochet pattern link blast

That’s it.

Easy, right?

Well, it’s a great way to get crochet inspiration, chat with fellow crocheters about the tutorials and patterns shown off and simply not have to watch TV all day long. Cause we all know how that ends. TV – especially the news – can make us upset sometimes. But crochet makes us happy. So this link blast will allow you to distract yourself and simply have fun with what you love:

Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

I hope you will join the fun, find some fun patterns and tutorials while chatting with the community.

All the while, we wait for 2024 to start ❤️

If you want and need more fun patterns, tutorials, a tighter community, and support from me, then THE CROCHET CLUB is for you. ❤️

No, you don’t need to. I would suggest jumping into the group when you feel like it. Then simply search the group for the hashtag #nyeblast2023 and get inspired. You can also share the links you find to your personal timeline to remind yourself of what you want to make.

So simply click the link of the pattern or tutorial you want to share and then click the share arrow provided on the screen.

Sharing allows you to also support me as a designer. You show off my creations to other crocheters who may have never seen my designs or tutorials before.

They will then get inspired and will likely also share.

Clicking on any of my links that take you to my website will load ads (the longer you stay the more we earn). Yes, they can be annoying, but they allow me to run my business and earn money – all free of charge for you!

So clicking our links, spending as much time on our side (even reading our articles), and sharing truly means the world to me and other designers!

Thank you! ❤️

Now get ready for a fun-filled crochet event like no other ❤️ Just join the group and be part of this fun event when it get started 🙂

New Year's Eve Link Blast Countdown
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