20 Temperature Blanket Crochet Patterns and Other Projects [2024]

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Temperature blanket crochet projects are a creative way to track the changing weather throughout the year. For a smaller project try a table runner, a scarf, or even a snake!

Ready for a fun year-long crochet project to kick off the new year? I am not talking about huge projects that will take all of your free time for a whole year. Rather, when you make a temperature project, you add a row or round each day (or week), and let the weather decide what color will be next.

It’s great fun! Because we all know the weather can be unpredictable, it adds spontaneity to the process. Your color scheme will be determined by the temperature range each day (or week), based on the temperature gauge you create at the beginning of the year.

At the end of the year, you’ll have a keepsake which allows you to look back and see how the year has gone by in a form of a nice colorful crochet temperature project. Of course, sometimes we do not have time to crochet every single day. However, there are lots of helpful resources on recording the each day’s temperature. Then you can come back to your project and add a few rows at a time.

Usually, crochet temperature projects follow the temperatures of the current year. But you can also crochet a temperature project to commemorate a special year. This can be a birthday, anniversary, or special achievement year.

If you need some help planning your color palette, this webpage helps you choose and preview yarn colors and temperature ranges for a temperature blanket. Using historical weather data, it allows you to customize a project preview to visualize your project before you create it.

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20 Temperature Blanket Crochet Patterns and Other Projects

Ideal Yarn to use to make a Temperature Pattern Project

I personally prefer using yarn that is very affordable. Brava yarn from WeCrochet is both economical and super soft. Plus it comes in 50 colors, which makes it an excellent choice for a colorful blanket such as this. Get Brava Yarn from WeCrochet here.

brava yarn for temperature project

Swish Worsted is wool yarn. So if you’re allergic, don’t get this one. But if you love wool, this one is great and extremely soft and warm.

Get Swish Yarn from WeCrochet here.

20 Beautiful Crochet Temperature Blankets and Other Projects

A lot of people talk about crochet temperature blankets. However, this idea is not only limited to blankets. Sometimes you may want to mark the year without committing to an entire blanket.

With that in mind I have compiled a collection of various free crochet patterns for temperature project ideas. If crocheting a whole blanket is not your favorite, you can apply the concept of a temperature blanket to other, smaller projects.

Because blankets are popular, we will look at several different ways you can construct a crochet temperature blanket. These blankets are created in different ways and using different stitches. Some will track daily temperature while others will use a weekly average, requiring only one or two rows a week.

We will also explore some different crochet temperature project ideas you can make throughout the year. I have found a great scarf pattern which is a smaller version of a blanket. A crochet shawl is another project you can use as a temperature project. If you enjoy crocheting garments and wearables, I have found a great dress pattern you can make. Or wouldn’t a temperature snake make an adorable and personalized gift for a child’s birthday?

Table Runner – Non-Daily Temperature Project

Yes, you can attempt a temperature project without having to do it daily. How about weekly only one row? Yes, it’s doable!

Find the pattern and more information about the TEMPERATURE TABLE RUNNER here

Crochet Temperature Blanket Pattern Ideas

Rolling Waves Blanket

This rolling waves blanket was originally designed with an ombre color scheme. But it would lend itself beautifully to a weekly temperature blanket.

The original pattern has 55 waves, which are reps of two rows, and a half wave on each end. So you could do a few less reps and have one wave for each week of the year.

The free pattern for the CROCHET ROLLING WAVES BLANKET is available on my website.

Rolling Waves Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

Bobble Pop Blanket

This whimsical blanket starts with bobble circle motifs, which are squared off and then attached using the join as you go method. The bright circles add cheerful pops of color all throughout.

Each motif only has five rounds, plus one round for joining, so it would be perfectly manageable to make one each day. And the best part is at the end of the year, they’re already joined together into a completed blanket!

You’ll find the free written pattern and video tutorial AT THIS WEBSITE.

Bobble Pop Blanket by Dora Does

Temperature Blanket that Marks Special Dates

This pretty temperature blanket pattern uses the moss stitch, which is a popular choice for temperature blankets. But to make it extra sentimental, you have the option to highlight special occasions by using a different stitch for that day’s row.

The special rows use a puff stitch instead of the standard single crochet stitches to make those days stand out. You can see an example of this in the bottom right corner of the photo below.

CLICK HERE to find the free temperature blanket crochet pattern.

Moss Stitch Crochet Temperature Blanket by The Loophole Fox

Rainbow Snake

As mentioned earlier, here’s a fun project idea for those who prefer to make something other than a blanket. Why not make a snake instead?

This original design features big chunks of color. But to use it as a temperature project, just change colors every row. This would be a fun birthday gift and a great way to honor the past year in a child’s life. To be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to save it for kids over 3 years old.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet temperature snake pattern.

Rainbow Snake by Golden Lucy Crafts

Linen Log Cabin Square Blanket

This quilt-inspired design was not originally described as a temperature blanket. But each square happens to be made up of seven sections, which means you could make one square for each week.

Even the larger sections of each square are small and could easily be completed in a few minutes each day. CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Linen Log Cabin Square by Divine Debris

Temperature Blanket Pattern with Tips, Mistakes, and Fixes

I’ve already shared several crochet temperature blanket patterns in moss stitch. But I couldn’t leave this one out, purely because of the wealth of information in the pattern notes.

The designer has listed several different mistakes that can happen when making a temperature blanket, as well as how to fix them. You can find the pattern and helpful tips about gauge, missing stitches, and adjusting your range of temperatures ON THIS WEBSITE.

How to Make a Temperature Blanket with Tips, Mistakes, and Fixes by Smiling Colors

Spiral C2C Blanket

This gorgeous blanket was not originally designed as a temperature blanket. But I think it would work perfectly for that purpose. It’s worked in a C2C double crochet box stitch in a spiral, with sections of color that are five blocks wide.

On January 1, you could start from the center and keep adding a few more blocks each day. To keep the blanket a reasonable size, you’ll want to only crochet a few rows of each color. The pattern includes detailed photos and a video tutorial.

VISIT THIS SITE for the free pattern.

Spiral C2C Blanket by Llama Unraveled

Small Granny Square Temp Blanket

If you are short on time but still want to record every day’s temperature, you’ll love this pattern. Each tiny granny square has only one round, plus a second round in a neutral color for joining.

It should take just minutes a day to crochet your granny motif and join it to the others using a join as you go technique. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern and video tutorial.

Temperate Blanket from Tiny Granny Squares by Fiber Flux

Stash Buster Blanket

If you’d like a little bit of texture in your temperature blanket, try out this colorful striped blanket. It does use some double crochet stitches but it alternates them with single crochet (sometimes called the lemon peel stitch). This scrunches them down, which gives the blanket a subtle texture and keeps rows stay relatively short.

To use it as a temperature blanket, you’ll want to make a much longer starting chain than the pattern calls for. Otherwise it will turn out very long and narrow. Alternatively, you could make two smaller blankets, one for each half of the year, and sew them together.

You’ll find the free pattern by CLICKING HERE.

Stash Buster Blanket by Annie Design Crochet

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket

The first crochet temperature project I have chosen is this Tunisian crochet temperature blanket. This blanket is broken down into smaller strips. This prevents it from becoming a huge project which means you can take it with you and crochet on the go too.

The strips of fabric are made using Tunisian simple stitch which is a great beginner stitch. You can either sew the strips together after finishing. However, you can also crochet the strips together as you go so you do not have the big task of sewing them together at the end. You can CLICK HERE for more information about this project.

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket

Crochet Temperature Blanket

You have to be careful when choosing a stitch for your crochet temperature project. Keep in mind that the project will have at least 365 rows to represent each day of the year. This can make for a very large blanket if you choose the wrong stitch.

Smaller stitches like single crochet or moss stitch are preferred so your blanket does not end up super long. Moss stitch is used for this blanket, FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern and tutorial.

Another thing to think about is all those pesky ends as you might have to change the color of each row. The above website has some great ideas on how to deal with those ends without having to sew them in.

Crochet Temperature Blanket

Corner to Corner Temperature Blanket

The following crochet temperature blanket is worked diagonally. It uses the box stitch worked in the corner to corner technique. It consists of three different parts. The increased part, the middle part which is the same width, and the decreased part.

The pattern clearly splits the blanket into these parts according to the dates. It dives deeper into color choices and yarn amounts so you will have all the necessary details to complete your own blanket. Find all the details on THIS WEBSITE.

Corner to Corner Temperature Blanket

Crochet Temperature Scarf Project

If crocheting a large blanket sounds like too much to commit to, you can still join in with the idea. Why not crochet a smaller version of a blanket and make a scarf?

This temperature scarf works much the same as the crochet temperature blanket idea, you just make a much smaller sample. It makes it a more manageable project for you to take with you and complete. You can find more information ON THIS BLOG.

Crochet Temperature Scarf Project

Crochet Granny Square Blanket

This granny square temp blanket is worked diagonally and joined as you go. And there are no set rules to how you can design and make your blanket.

The blanket uses squares as they are quick and easy to make up. These are a three-round traditional granny squares that literally take 10 minutes or less to make.

You can also mix it up and arrange the squares on rows or make a large square for each month where each round of the square is one day. You can get the free pattern, FIND IT HERE.

Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Crochet Bohemian Temperature Wrap Project

This is a beautifully large crochet temperature wrap that will be a lovely accessory to wear. The pattern for the wrap is a triangular shape worked in linen stitch, starting from one corner and gradually increasing along the diagonal. January 1st has only one stitch, and December 31st has around 170 stitches.

This makes it manageable as a side project along with other projects during the year. You can opt for a bold rainbow color palette or keep it toned down with more subtle pastel colors. THIS WEBPAGE has the free pattern and instructions.

Crochet Bohemian Temperature Wrap Project

Crochet Corner Temperature Blanket

The construction of this blanket is slightly different. It’s worked two sides at a time, starting from a corner and working outwards, always forming/staying a square at the end of each row. 

For the first six months, you will work one row a day around 2 sides of the square. Then for the last six months of the year, you will work one row a day across one side only to increase the length and make it into a rectangle.

You can get the pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Crochet Corner Temperature Blanket

Birth Year Temperature Blanket Project

There is a great idea behind this crochet temperature project. Unlike some of the other temperature blanket projects, this one does not record the current temperature. This blanket records the high temperatures of the birth year in the birth city.

There is one little advantage to doing this project. If you fancy crocheting more than one row a day, you will have the temperatures recorded already. That means you can add as many rows as you fancy in a day. You can access the pattern by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Birth Year Temperature Blanket Project

Crochet Temperature Dress

If you love the idea of making a crochet temperature project but have no use for a blanket, this one is for you. Maybe you live in a warmer climate where blankets and scarves are rarely needed, this temperature dress would be a great alternative.

This is a very basic, mostly unshaped sheath dress with instructions for optional shaping if you prefer a more fitted dress. Find the free pattern HERE.

Crochet Temperature Dress

Row By Row Blanket

Most temperature blankets use colors in a rainbow color spectrum. However, sometimes a rainbow just isn’t going to match the decor of your house. You can also go with a style that would match the aesthetic of your home and the room you intend to use the blanket.

Firstly, by specifically choosing your colors, you can make a classic and classy, but still functional blanket.

Secondly, if you struggle with picking matching colors together, you can pick an item you already have at home as an inspiration. Then choose color combinations as close to the item as possible. CLICK HERE for the free blanket pattern.

Row By Row Blanket

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20 Temperature Blanket Crochet Patterns and Other Projects
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