How to Organize Your Patterns the Best Way – 5 Tips

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Crocheters have lots of patterns. We get new ones daily and need to organize them to make us feel better. I will teach you 5 different ways to organize your patterns more effectively.

Even though I’m a crochet designer and create patterns, I do have lots of patterns from other amazing designers. Lots of them. So many that I needed to find a way to keep myself organized and to create peace of mind without having paper or files everywhere. I started to get stressed out because I couldn’t find any of my patterns. That is not a way to live if I wanted to use crochet as therapy. I needed a change — so I created several ways to get them organized.

I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. That is why you came to my site, to get information about how to organize your patterns so that you will feel better and remove the chaos around you.

Well, I’m glad. So, let’s get started πŸ™‚

Organize your Patterns 5 ways free ebook

Although there are many more ways that you can organize your patterns, I decided to focus on the 5 main ones, including some that are very special.

You can organize your patterns by printing them, using computer folders, online storage, Ravelry and The Crochet Club. Now let’s take a look at what I mean by that and how that might look like in reality.

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How to Organize Patterns Efficiently

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Pattern Organization
In 5 Different Ways:

Let’s go into a bit more detail. I use all 5 different ways to organize my patterns, but you can choose as many different ways as you wish.

1. Organize Your Paper Patterns into Folders

Yes, I do use this method, even though it’s 2020 and most things are now digital. Well, I like to play it safe and make sure if anything happens online, I still have a hard copy. I don’t do that for all my patterns. I mostly do this for patterns that I get from other designers.

So I have a folder with categories such as hats, scarves, cardigans, etc and then print out my patterns and add them to the corresponding folders. Easy peasy. And I always know where they are.

2. Organize Your Patterns into Digital Folders

This is my most popular method of pattern storage. It is a great back-up in case you lose your hard copy, your pets or kids tore it apart or it caught on fire (hope that never happens to you).

Well, anyways, I create categorized folders on my computer which are actually on my external hard drive connected to my computer. You never know if your computer may not turn on one day. So that is the perfect storage solution for me. I can also add my progress pictures to those folders so I know what I made πŸ™‚

3. Organize Your Patterns in the Cloud – Google Drive etc

This again is a great back up solution. Yes, I do this, too. All my folders on my computer and external hard drive are backed up in the cloud, aka Google Drive. Of course, you can use any online storage you like. I just prefer and use Google Drive as mine. Again all my pattern folders are organized in categories which then have my patterns and pictures in them.

4. Organize Your Pattern on Ravelry

You can easily organize your patterns on Ravelry. You can add your progress of the pattern with notes and pictures easily. However, it has its limitations. As far as I know, you can only organize patterns that you paid for or were free on Ravelry. Furthermore, it is possible to lose your account or something should happen to your profile (Ravelry can close any account) or Ravelry shuts down. You never know.

So, although it’s a great place to organize your patterns, it does have its limitations.

5. Organize Your Patterns in The Crochet Club

This is for sure the easiest way to organize your patterns that you got from me personally, because I already do it for you. If you join The Crochet Club, my VIP Membership, you have an entire vault of organized categorized folders with my patterns, tutorials, and resources. In addition, you get weekly additional support through LIVE videos and more.

Now that you have learned these 5 different ways on how to organize your patterns, I would like to help you even more.

Grab this amazingly detailed free ebook below which has templates on how to keep track of your organized patterns. It allows you to note on which shelves/boxes/folders etc have which patterns and then add additional details of them.

It allows you to finally have a simple and efficient way to get organized.

Crochet Smart Goals - New Years Resolutions

Organize your Patterns
using this Free Ebook

Furthermore, I created an amazing template for you. It will allow you to create goals and get your yarn and patterns organized easily.

Get this 10 page template collection ebook for free, when you sign up for my Newsletter below.

If you are already subscribed, you will simply just get the ebook. So don’t worry, you will not be subscribed twice πŸ™‚


You can change your Crochet Life forever, right now. Take a leap of faith. You can do it. I believe in you!

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Organize your Patterns
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