How to: Reversible Overlay Mosaic Crochet – Free Tutorial

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This is a free tutorial to learn how to crochet the Reversible Overlay Mosaic Crochet Technique. The tutorial has both complete step-by-step instructions with photos and a video tutorial.

If you ever tried Mosaic Crochet and do not like how the front side (right side) is the only side with images or words while the wrong side (back of your work) is only stripes, then this tutorial is for you. You can finally learn how to make ANY overlay mosaic crochet pattern or graph reversible.

You will only need to learn 2 extra steps with 2 new stitches and you are ready to turn your favorite overlay mosaic crochet pattern or graph reversible and create the reverse image of the design.

Ready to open yourself to a new world to explore and create intricate design creations with different colors for a reversible fabric?

Quick note, do not get the Reversible Mosaic Crochet confused with the Interlocking Crochet which is a totally different technique, and also much more challenging to learn. And there is also inset mosaic crochet (with different color changes) and mosaic Tunisian crochet (different look) which are both different but similar to overlay mosaic technique. So there are many mosaic crochet techniques you can learn. 

Let’s get started with the basics of overlay crochet and then dive into the reversible technique.

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For the tutorial swatch shown here, I used Premier Cotton Sprout. It’s a beautiful cotton yarn that’s easy to care for and perfect for kitchen linens.

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Standard Pin

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

Overlay Mosaic Crochet made seem hard, but it actually isn’t. It’s a very simple colorwork technique. You do not change colors unless it’s at the beginning of a row or round and uses only basic crochet stitches such as single crochet and double crochet to create incredible mosaic designs. 

You simply cut your yarn at the end of each row or drop it for rounds.

If you want to learn this technique and get a pattern with it at the same time while NOT having to worry about ads, then get this Pattern + Tutorial PDF for the Christmas Blanket right here.

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Access to the PDF Version of the Tutorial

The fastest way to get access to the PDF – and also the cheapest way is at the link below for just $10 which includes the entire written Christmas Blanket pattern, color-coded and with checkboxes, as well as the graph and 4 additional tutorials and 3 videos.

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Reversible Mosaic Crochet – Video Tutorial

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How to Make ANY Mosaic Crochet Pattern Reversible

Let’s break up this technique into several steps to make it really clear how to Overlay Mosaic Crochet and have it be reversible. Grab your yarn and your crochet hook. I used a 4.5mm WeCrochet Dots Crochet Hook and Premier Cotton Sprout.

The most important part about this technique is to understand that you will need to do 2 important things to turn ANY Mosaic Crochet Pattern or Graph into a reversible one.

Step 1 – Make Any Mosaic Crochet Pattern Reversible

First, you will need to learn the anchored double crochet (anch-dc) which is coupled with a single crochet in the back loop only (sc in blo). Although explained in more detail below, the most important part about this stitch is that always replaces a sc in blo ABOVE any mosaic crochet double crochet (mdc – dc placed into flo 2 rows down in the same color).

What is an anch-dc stitch?

An anch-dc looks like a sc in blo from the front and a dc in the back.

Step 2 – Make Any Mosaic Crochet Pattern Reversible

Finally, after finishing any mosaic crochet pattern or graph (now reversible), you will need to add 2 rows (which I like to call catch up rows). The first one is made to catch up with anch-dc stitches above any mdc stitches in the last row (all other stitches are sc in the blo). The last row is another new stitch (in more detail below) which is the anchored single crochet (anch-sc) and is the reverse of the anch-dc.

What is an anch-sc stitch?

An anch-sc looks like a mdc from the front, but a sc in the back.

How to Reversible Overlay Mosaic Crochet – Photo Tutorial

Now that you know the basic about how to make any overlay mosaic crochet pattern and graph reversible, let me show you how that will actually look like.

Of course, you must make sure you know and have tried overlay mosaic crochet before learning how to make such a pattern reversible. If you never tried it before, you can learn overlay mosaic crochet here.

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Graph


Blank pixel = sc in blo (besides 1st row)

X = mdc in the flo 2 rows down

A = anch-dc (sc in blo from the front, dc in the back)

E = anch-sc (dc in the flo 2 rows down from the front, sc in the back)

Row 1 and 2 – Set up Mosaic Crochet

Let’s make the graph above as a swatch to learn this technique. Ch 10. Crochet the first 2 rows:

R1: starting from the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc in each ch, cut yarn

R2: (sc) x 9

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Row 1 and 2

Row 3 – Regular Overlay Mosaic Crochet

R3: (sc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 1

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Row 3

Row 4 – Starting Reversible Overlay Mosaic Crochet Technique

R4: (sc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 1

How to crochet the ANCH-DC

The anch-dc will look like a sc in the blo from the front but like a dc in the back.

1. Insert hook into the blo, yo

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Step 1

2. Yo, turn project slightly to the back, insert hook into blo 2 rows down (stitch hidden behind the mdc made in the other color)

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Step 2

3. Yo, pull through 2 loops

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Step 3

4. Yo, pull through 3 loops

Now you made an anch-dc that look like a sc in the blo from the front but like a dc in the back.

Row 5 – 9 – Continue Crocheting the Pattern Reversible

R5: (sc) x 2, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 2

R6: (sc) x 3, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 3

R7: (sc) x 3, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 3

R8: (sc) x 2, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 2

R9: (sc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (mdc) x 1, (sc) x 1

Row 10 – First Catch-up Row for the Reversible Pattern

R10: (sc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 1, (anch-dc) x 1, (sc) x 1

Row 11 – Last Catch-up Row for the Reversible Pattern

R11: (anch-sc) x 9

How to crochet the ANCH-SC

The anch-sc will look like a dc in the flo (mdc) from the front but like a sc in the back.

Important Side Note:

For EVERY first stitch when crocheting the anch-sc, start with a sc in the flo 2 rows down (unfinished alternative turning chain) and then go to step 2.

Crochet the ANCH-SC

1. Yo, insert hook into flo (in the same color) 2 rows down, yo, pull through 2 (unfinished dc)

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Catch up row step 1

2. Insert hook into the sc st right behind (last row), yo, pull through

3. Yo, pull through all 3 loops

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Catch up row step 3

Now finish the row with all anch-sc stitches.

Now you can leave the fringe, or add a border like the popular Envelope Border often used for Mosaic Crochet as you don’t need to weave in your ends.

What Projects can I use the Reversible Mosaic Crochet Technique?

Pretty much ANY Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern or Graph can be turned into reversible crochet stitch patterns.

You just have to remember that this technique requires more yarn. So if you are making a pattern reversible ADD MORE YARN to your cart before starting.

Here are some great regular overlay mosaic patterns and graphs you can use and turn reversible.

Find the free crochet patterns here:

  1. Christmas Mosaic Crochet Blanket
  2. Brick Weave Mosaic Blanket
  3. Mosaic Crochet Baby Blanket
  4. Mosaic Crochet Cowl

Even better, any of the above patterns are available ad-free in one easy-to-download pdf file. So if you’ve caught the mosaic crochet bug, you can learn everything there is to know about Mosaic Crochet! I have written 60 mosaic crochet patterns, along with 8 tutorials and 14 videos in my all-in-one ebook.

If you have enjoyed this Reversible Overlay Mosaic Crochet tutorial, be sure to share the link with your crafty friends on social media using the buttons above or below this stitch tutorial. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

Reversible Mosaic Crochet Tutorial - Long Pin


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Reversible Mosaic Overlay Crochet Tutorial - Square
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