10 Free Quick and Easy Snood Crochet Patterns

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These 10 crochet snood patterns are elegant and fashionable, yet also warm and cozy. The selection features a variety of stitches, yarns, and fashion styles.

As a crocheter, I’m always excited to see crocheted items in movies and shows. I want to know, “How did they make that? What yarn is it? What stitch did they use?” So if you’ve seen the Wednesday movie, you may have been fascinated by the snoods that Enid and Wednesday wear.

Whether because of the movie or not, snoods have gained popularity recently. But what exactly is a snood? There are a few different definitions out there. But for the sake of this post, a snood is simply a hooded infinity scarf, usually on the shorter side. You can bunch it around your neck like a cowl or pull it over your head like a hood.

Crochet handmade snood patterns are not limited to Wednesday’s mysterious gothic style, either. They can look feminine, quirky, or sophisticated, depending on the yarn and stitch you use. In this collection, I’ve included a variety of crochet snood scarf patterns to suit different skill levels and fashion styles. There’s even a dog snood crochet pattern for cold weather for our pets!

10 Quick & Easy Crochet Snood Patterns

10 Free Crochet Snood Patterns

Now, we can’t give away the exact Wednesday Addams snood pattern worn by the actress Jenna Ortega. That credit belongs to the original designer, Anneliese Nicoara for the hit Netflix series. But if you want to create a similar look in different yarn weights, you can try one of the inspired Wednesday’s Snood patterns from the crochet community for some great projects below.

Crochet snoods come in lots of other styles, too. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be happy to know that snoods are simple to make – often just a simple crochet tube which are pretty much expanded easy crochet cowl patterns. Because of their simplicity, they’re also the perfect blank canvas for more experienced crocheters to try out new and challenging stitch patterns, like the Jasmine stitch snood.

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Most crochet snood pattern instructions include a pattern notes section that explains additional information on how to crochet the pattern and whether it uses cotton or acrylic yarns, chunky yarn or heavier yarns, or even strands of yarn. Sometimes you can even change which type of yarn you can use. Most of the time it’s a preference as long as you stay within the gauge mentioned. Furthermore, although I added the links to the free viewable patterns below, you can also get the ad-free pdf pattern on Ravelry or Etsy most of the time. 

Faux Fur Hooded Cowl Snood

This faux fur crochet snood adds a touch of glamour and sophistication that gives a nod to Old Hollywood fashion. It’s super warm and snuggly. And it’s cruelty-free so there’s no harm to your animal friends. Plus it’s so easy to make.

It uses only single crochet stitches in the round to make a long tube — no sewing with a yarn needle is required! You can bunch it around your neck like a cowl or pull it over your head like a hood. You can even make it longer if needed, just cut your yarn with a pair of scissors when you are ready to weave in your ends – which I did with my crochet hook for my finished product.

You can find the FAUX FUR HOODED COWL SNOOD CROCHET PATTERN free on my website.

Crochet Faux Fur Hooded Cowl Snood Pattern

Hooded Crochet Snood Scarf with Pockets

This cozy hooded cowl snood features pockets that are big enough to hold a larger phone, hooks, yarn and even knickknacks or other fun things you want to hide and store. You can even pack a snack to keep your energy up while you’re out in the cold!

It’s made from a soft and furry yarn that makes it extra warm and cozy, even on the chilliest winter days.

Get the free pattern for the HOODED INFINITY SCARF WITH POCKETS here.

Crochet Hooded Infinity Scarf with Pockets Pattern

Full of Woe Infinity Scarf/ Traditional Snood

This Wednesday-inspired snood scarf is similar to the one from the movie but is made from worsted-weight yarn, which makes the scarf lighter than the inspiration piece. That means you can still get the look without too much heaviness for warmth for cold winters and extra warmth. 

This snood crochet pattern is beginner-friendly and uses only one skein of black yarn. To add white flecks to the tassels, you will need some additional small scraps of white, as well.

Get the snood pattern for free from THIS LINK.

Full of Woe Infinity Scarf by Oombawka Design

Enid’s Snood – Wednesday-Inspired

Like the Wednesday version above, this interpretation of Enid’s pink snood uses a different yarn weight than the original. Instead of bulky-weight yarn, it’s made by holding two strands of the same worsted weight yarn together.

If you don’t care for pink, you could make this snood in any other color you like with just a few color changes. You could even hold two different-colored strands together to create a tweedy look.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the free pattern and video tutorial.

Enid-Inspired Snood by The Loopy Lamb

Shifting Sands Jasmine Stitch Snood

This crochet snood scarf is made using the Jasmine Stitch, which is a stunning floral shaped stitch pattern. This stitch looks complex but it’s actually just a bunch of puff stitches worked together – mostly yarning over and pulling through. This would be a fun project if you have some experience and want to try something new.

If you have a huge stash to use up, this project is a yarn-eater. It can be customized to use any weight of yarn. Just make sure to use a hook size bigger than recommended so that the fabric retains its drape.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the crochet pattern.

Shifting Sands Jasmine Stitch Snood by Dora Does

Dog Bear Cowl Snood

Not only are snoods made in various styles, you can even make them for different species! With this adorable bear cowl snood, your dog will stay warm and cute when you walk her on chilly days.

The pattern includes multiple sizes, for any breed from a chihuahua to a lab! The ties help you to further adjust the size to achieve a perfect fit for your furry friend.

Get the dog snood crochet pattern free by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Dog Bear Cowl Snood by OkieGirlBling'n'Things

Through Thick and Thin Scoodie

The hooded crochet scarf, or “scoodie,” uses a novelty wool yarn, which varies in thickness from worsted to chunky weight throughout the strand. This variation gives the finished scarf an interesting texture using only basic stitches.

The project works up quickly, with a 10 mm crochet hook. So you can quickly whip up a cool accessory that will keep you warm all winter long!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the snood scarf crochet pattern.

Through Thick and Thin Scoodie by Once Upon a Cheerio

Football Cowl Snood

Fall football games often mean chilly evenings in the stands. Make this cowl snood and you can protect your ears while showing some team spirit. The sample project features Denver colors but of course you can change it up to support your favorite team or school.

The football applique, as well as a coordinating can cozy and stadium blanket, are also available as a separate free patterns.

You will find the free crochet snood pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Football Cowl Snood by Posh Pooch Designs

Delicate Easy Crochet Snood Pattern

Add a delicate, feminine touch to your winter outfits with this beautiful crochet cowl. The snood gets its characteristic lightness from a blend of alpaca, wool, and polyamide, which is lightweight and warm at the same time.

This pattern is perfect for beginners or anyone who needs a last-minute fashion accessory. With just 9 rows of double crochet and a 9mm hook, you can start this scarf this afternoon and wear it for date night tonight.

CLICK HERE to get the hooded cowl snood pattern.

Delicate Snood by Selina Veronique

Hood in a Snood

This hooded cowl snood is slightly more involved than a basic tube but it’s still easy and the added features are well worth the effort! It uses short rows to create gentle shaping around the back of the head, which avoids excess fabric at the front and allows you to easily wear it up as a hood.

The pattern calls for heavy worsted-weight wool and an 8mm hook. So it’s another option that works up quickly in an evening or two.

Get the free crochet pattern by CLICKING HERE.

Hood in a Snood by Dora Does

I hope you love these snood crochet patterns as much as I do. 

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10 Snood Crochet Patterns
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