Tutorial: How to do the Waistcoat Stitch AKA the Knit Stitch

I recently discovered the Waistcoat Stitch AKA the Knit Stitch as many people call it, because it looks like it was knitted but it was actually crocheted.

After making a quick one minute video using this stitch and creating small little hearts with this stitch for Facebook and Instagram, it went viral. WOW. Thank you 🙂


But I also got many questions. So I created a more detailed video and uploaded it onto my Youtube channel (can also be seen below). I also took pictures to better explain this stitch.

—->The Love Hat uses the Waistcoat Stitch!

—-> Snowflakes Messy Bun Hat Pattern uses the Waistcoat Stitch Also, and its FREE!



So, you can create the Waistcoat Stitch (wst) by going in a round or doing it flat, by going row by row and turning in between. They look very similar, but just a hint different.

Adding a secondary color to the flat version can be tricky, as you might find it hard to hide the secondary color, unless you choose one side to be the wrong (not so pretty) side and collect the yarn on that side, or better let it run on that side only, not visible from the right (pretty) side.

However, going in rounds solves that issue, as most people would think it is inside and not seen from the inside. Not important for hats or beanies how the inside looks like, right?

Well, for everyone who thinks it matters, I would suggest covering it up with fabric. Lets say you make it into a bag, then just add a lining to it. Problem solved 🙂


Well, lets get to it and let me show you how this stitch is made. Well, no matter which way you pick (round or flat), start with a chain (connect the chain into a circle for rounds) and crochet one row of single crochet as you normally would.

Starting with round 2, you will use the waistcoat stitch.

If going flat:

Going underneath the bar, underneath the upside down V (like a pyramid), do not go into the space where you normally go for a single crochet!


After pushing the hook through (remember to have LOOSE tension!!).

Yarn over and pull the yarn through, just like you would for a single crochet.


After the yarn was pull through and a waistcoat stitch was finished:

Laid out flat piece when going row by row and turning in between (there is no decrease or increase, the right bottom corner is just bending upwards, sorry).


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If going in rounds:

Again do not go through the space as you would for a normal single crochet, but rather go thru the top of the V (right ABOVE where you see my hook, push the hook thru where the 2 bars of the V split apart).


Yarn over the primary color (here in green), and pull the yarn through just like you would for a normal single crochet.

For the secondary color, just pick it up by yarning over (instead of the green) and pulling it thru, but finishing it with the primary color.

The next 2 pictures show how to finish the stitch with the primary color after a color change for the loop only.

The picture below shows how the stitch looks from the inside and out when going in a round using two different colors while using the waistcoat stitch.



I hope the pictures make sense and it explains how to do this stitch. If you do not understand it yet and/or you are more of a visual learner please check out my extended video below showing you exactly how it is done.

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Here is also the Video tutorial for the Waistcoat Stitch:

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Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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