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Waistcoat Stitch Round up - Free Crochet Pattern Collection by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

In the beginning of the year 2017, the Waistcoat Stitch made a major come back and went viral. This stitch is also known as the knit stitch due to its look, but is actually crocheted.

In fact, it is actually a very easy and basic stitch. It is made like a single crochet but is actually placed in a different location than a normal single crochet stitch would have been. If you never made this stitch before, please click HERE for a very detailed written tutorial with many photos and a video.

So, here I would like to provide with a collection of crochet patterns that all use the waistcoat stitch, whether it is for the entire pattern or just part of it.

1. Swirly Heart Hat

The Swirly Heart Hat was one of my most popular Waistcoat Stitch Hats I created. It only uses two yarn colors (one skein being mixed color yarn) and works up very fast as the pattern repeats itself over and over again. Get this free pattern HERE

Swirly Heart Hat


2. Love is in the Air Beanie

As I created this Hat in January, it was still cold out but still I was smelling the love in the air as it was only weeks away from Valentine’s Day. However, as love is important and a popular theme throughout the year this hat can be made any time. Get the pattern HERE

Love is in the Air Beanie


3. The Love Hat

Another Waistcoats Stitch Hat that I created right before Valentine’s Day. When making this hat I had in mind how love like heat travels up into the sky and collects itself in the clouds. So as you make or wear this hat, you can think about how you feel like you are on cloud 9 (or cloud 7 if you are from Germany like me :D). Get this free pattern HERE

4. Snowflakes Messy Bun Hat

Although most of my hats that are made bottom to top can be made into messy bun hats, this Snowflakes Messy Bun Hat was made top to bottom starting with a hair tie. As you can see you can make pixeled hats or fair isle hats very easily using the waistcoat stitch. Get this free pattern HERE

Snowflakes Messy Bun Hat


5. Multipurpose Crochet Bag

This Multipurpose Crochet Bag was so popular I could not believe how fast it went viral. Especially on Facebook when I uploaded a fun video on how this bag is made. It can be used with or without pockets and can be used for yarn storage or any other things such as wine. The Waistcoat Stitch was used for the rim and the handles of this bag. Get this free pattern HERE

6. Trinity Crochet Bag

The Trinity Crochet Bag is one of my newest patterns and uses the newly available Cotton Cakes yarn. I love that yarn. It was so easy and soft to work with. Just a dream. The Waistcoat Stitch was used for the rim and the handles of the bag. You can get the free pattern HERE

Trinity Crochet Bag made with Caron Cotton Cake - Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts


7. Stars and Stripes Bag

The Stars and Stripes Bag features the Waistcoat Stitch as the rim and the handle just like the other 2 bags above. As you can tell this stitch makes certain parts very stable and also prevents less stretch when you don’t want it to stretch too much such as the handles of the bag.

The wonderful thing about this bag is, that you can make any theme you like with it. Change the colors and you have a different theme. You can get the free pattern of this bag HERE


I really hope you like this collection of Waistcoat Stitch patterns. I am sure I will be using much more in the future and will update this collection as I create more Waistcoat Stitch patterns.

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Waistcoat Stitch Round up Pattern Collection by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

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