FREE Cute Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

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Use this free crochet basketball keychain pattern to make the perfect gift for basketball players and sports fans. Give them away as mementos at pep rallies or March Madness parties.

Looking for a great gift for a basketball player or sports fanatic? This adorable keychain is a perfect small item to tuck into a gift bag or raffle off for a team fundraiser. With my free crochet pattern, crocheters of all skill levels can create their own basketball keychain in no time.

These little keychains make a lovely gift for basketball fans and are a great way to add sporty style to a set of keys. To use it as a handbag or backpack accessory, you could also add a lobster clasp to make a clip-on charm. You could also make several little basketballs and string them together as a garland for a March Madness or NBA Playoffs party. Or combine several types of crochet sports balls together for sports-themed baby nursery decor. The options are almost endless!

Free Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

About the Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

This quick pattern is a fun way to learn about making a crochet sphere, which will come in handy when making all sorts of amigurumi designs. You’ll just start from the bottom with a magic circle and continue working in continuous rounds until you reach the widest part of the ball. Next, you’ll make simple decreases until the top of the ball and close it off. Then, there’s just the sewing of the lines and attaching a keyring and you’re done.

But you’re not on your own! Those who are visual learners will appreciate the included video tutorial, which provides step-by-step instructions to help you complete the free pattern. So even a beginner can gain the skills and resources needed to design and make your very own basketball key ring, that you can use to show your loyalty to your team, all year long.

Customizing Your Basketball Keychain

The best thing about this keychain is that it’s easy to customize to make a one-of-a-kind gift. You could make a traditional orange basketball with black lines, as pictured here. Or you could even choose your favorite yarn colors as a memento of your favorite high school, college, or NBA team.

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You can also change the size of this crochet basketball by experimenting with yarn weight and hook size. I used worsted weight yarn and a 3.0 mm crochet hook to make a basketball that’s 1.75 inches in diameter. But for a bigger basketball, you could use super bulky weight to make a super squishy basketball pillow.

However you make them, these basketballs are so much fun and make delightful handmade gifts for the sports lovers in your life. Now let’s get started with this lovely crochet pattern!

Crochet Sports Ball Keychains Made Easy

Crocheting Keychains as last-minute gifts or for craft fairs are always popular and trending.

But crocheting a thoughtful gift for men or kids can be challenging. This collection of sports crochet patterns elevates that as you get 9 cute sports ball keychain patterns for backpacks, including video tutorials with tips for each of the keychain crochet patterns.

Get the PDF of the Basketball Keychain Crochet Pattern

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This crochet basketball keychain pattern is also available as an ad-free, printer-friendly PDF digital pattern that you can purchase from Ravelry and Etsy at the links below for only a small fee.

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So, let me now give you the supplies you need in order to make this adorable project.

How to Crochet a Basketball Keychain

Materials you will need


5 sts x 5 rounds = 1 square inch


1.75 inches in diameter

Stitches used in the pattern

Learn all the basic crochet stitches HERE

  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • inc = increase
  • dec = decrease
  • Magic ring
  • inv = invisible join

Crochet Basketball Keychain Video Tutorial

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Free Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

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R1: Magic Ring and add 6 sc, close ring

R2: 2 sc per st

R3: *1 sc, 2 sc in the next st, repeat from * until the end of the round

R4: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 2 sc in the next st, repeat from * until the end of the round

R5-8: 1 sc per st

R9: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 1 inv sc dec in the following st, repeat from * until the end

R10: *1 sc in the next sts, 1 inv sc dec in the following st, repeat from * until the end

Stuff the ball

R11: 1 inv sc all around

Close the hole by sewing through each stitch of the last round

Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern


Using the black yarn and a needle, as well as the back stitch make black lines (first an x – horizontal and vertical line all around the ball, and then the oval shapes on the left and right side of the X)

Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

Your crochet basketball keychain is now finished and ready to use! What will you use it for? As a Gift? For a Backpack? Or as a Quick Project to sell at a Craft Fair Market? I’d love to know! I hope you enjoyed making this cool crochet basketball keychain.

I’m also always here to support you through this and any other pattern and tutorial. Simply ask in my group and me and other amazing and kind crocheters will help you along.

Free Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern

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Crochet Basketball Keychain Pattern - Square
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