How to Sew an Invisible Join for Crochet Rounds Easily

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Sewing an invisible join in crochet makes your rounds look seamless. Learn how to do it quickly, easy, and perfect with this tutorial which has a video included.

Crocheters either crochet in rows or in rounds. But we all want the sides and the seams to look amazing.

This will help to make our projects look professional and neat. You will ten be proud to gift your handmade items to friend or family.

Do you sell at markets and craft fairs? You need to know this technique even more! Elevate your crochet projects to another level and have a successful event.

Well, most of the time, crocheters use slip stitches to connect the first and last stitch in a round. Whereas there is nothing wrong with this, there are far better ways to make your projects look neat.

Visible join doesn’t look pretty, especially during color changes. In this case the join looks even more prone and visible.

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But there are a few tricks you can use to make seams in rounds look prettier and seamless with invisible join in crochet.

crochet invisible seam in the round

Can every round have an invisible seam without cutting yarn?

Not all rounds. But there are a few things you can do to make it easier and overall look seamless.

There are 6 things you can use instead:

  1. Alternative Turning Chain
  2. Straight Seam for sc, dc, and taller stitches
  3. Straight Seam for hdc
  4. Hidden Slip Stitch – joining without cutting yarn
  5. Use the Invisible Single Crochet Decrease technique for decreasing
  6. Invisible Join – cutting yarn – for the end of a color or project

The Alternative Turning Chain is super important to start the rounds off looking neater, especially when crocheting rounds with stitches that are the height of a double crochet or taller. For any stitches smaller than that, use this crochet trick to get smooth edges.

Once you understand, how to crochet flat circles which are crocheted in rounds, you then want to understand how to crochet straight seams for any stitch.

When crocheting rounds, it’s best to either crochet continuous rounds (you will need stitch markers for that) or use the hidden slip stitch to hide the seam as best as possible.

Then you are ready to use the invisible join in crochet to finish your rounds of a project. Or when you need to change colors to make it look like you finished the round crocheted, but it was actually not. Let me show you how the invisible join works.

How do you do the Invisible Join in
crochet rounds step by step?

I have filmed a detailed video tutorial. If you enjoy it, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos?

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Why do I need to use the invisible join for seamless rounds?

You don’t need to use this technique, but it will for sure make your crochet projects look more complete, put together and simply look amazing.

Grab your favorite yarn (I used Brava Yarn from WeCrochet) and hooks (I used Furls Crochet Hook size 4.0mm) and let’s crochet together, shall we? Above you have the video tutorials which are more detailed. But let me show you a written tutorial for this.

Written Tutorial for the Invisible Join in Crochet

Step 1

Simply cut your yarn after the last round and do not slip stitch. But rather attach your tapestry needle and sew from the back to the front under the first stitch of the round.

start invisible join in crocheted rounds

Step 2

Next, insert your tapestry needle from the front to the back underneath the back loop only of the last stitch of the round.

tapestry needle front to back

Step 3

Pull gently and then weave in your ends. Now you have sewn an invisible join which looks like a crochet stitch from every angle.

finished invisible join sewn in crochet rounds

Are there more crochet tips besides the invisible join?

Yes, of course, there are. In fact, I have over 300 crochet tips and tricks for you. It’s all in one amazing crochet mini-course with over 48 video tutorials. You can find the 300+ Crochet Tips and Tricks Mini-Course here.

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Invisible Join in the Crochet Rounds
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