How to START your own BLOG in 5 MINUTES!

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This post includes affiliate links.
Learn how to start your own blog in 5 Minutes! Dreams do come true

Have you ever thought about creating your own blog? Well, you have come to the right place. I will give you step by step instructions on how to sign up and start your own blog.

I started my own blog in summer of 2016. And I have never looked back. I am beyond happy and grateful for having started my own website. I am my own boss. I create my entire website the way I want it to look like and I make money doing it, even though I provide free content as I earn money from ads.

I love creating and publishing free crochet pattern and teaching others through video and photo tutorials. And all that in one place accessible all around the world, here on my blog.

Anyone can do it! No coding required. In fact, I have a full-time job that I love, as well as  have a family and now even a blog on the side. No problem. I love this life!

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As more and more people are making money online, NOW is the time to get started and start your own blog to make your own money. Create a living from what you love! Share your passion or your life story.

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Learn how to start your own blog in 5 Minutes! Dreams do come true

Whether you want to earn money from a small business you create or just share how you live your life and inspire others. This is your chance to start fresh and be your own boss.

The first thing you will need to do is create your own website. Then apply for affiliate programs so you can make even more money on the side. Here are a few that I use and love.

  • Amazon (click on “Become an Affiliate”)
  • CJ (for Michael’s, Joann’s, Annie’s and more)
  • Awin (such as Etsy)
  • Share-A-Sale (such as Craftsy)
  • Tailwind (schedule post to Pinterest and Instagram automatically and reach more people!)
  • Smartqueue (schedule to Facebook and Twitter automatically and reach even more people!)
  • magazines
  • other stores

But before you apply for any of the above affiliations, be sure to create your own blog FIRST as you need to reference that. It will determine whether you are get approved to be an affiliate.


Here now the instructions to get started with your own blog. When I first wanted to start my own website, I started with Bluehost as my website host. I even just started a second website with them also! I could not be happier that I chose this server host as a start up. My website runs fast and they are always available 24/7 with any problems.

Very helpful support team! I highly recommend them!

To get started with your own blog with Bluehost, you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click HERE which brings you to the page as shown below! Then click on “Get Started now”! And then select your plan you would like. I started with the basic one which works for a long time as a new blog. And you can upgrade at anytime, same for cancelation.


Step 2: Then add your own special and cool website name that you came up with and added to the field on the left.

Most hosting plans make you pay for your domain. But with Bluehost you get it for free:-)

Step 3: Next fill out the the contact information boxes.

Step 4: Next, add your payment informations and check the box as well as click “submit”

YOU HAVE A BLOG NOW 🙂 Yay!!! Congratulations!

Step 5: Make sure you create a password and write it down somewhere safe.

Step 6: Next, you will pick a Theme. That is like clothes you are wearing. It is the design your website. Of course, you can change it anytime. But these are all really great FREE ones. I personally still use a free one which is called Edge.

Step 7: Once you picked a theme, you can start creating your own website, by adding what you want ti to look like.

Step 8: Bluehost provides with an opinion to provide you with the best foundation of what you need to get started. Choose, “Business” or “Personal”


Step 9: Now you can finally get started. I would not LAUNCH just yet. Add your photos, like your logo, and write some posts, so your new readers have something to look at when they come to your website the first time.

Step 10: Once you are ready, you can launch your website. How exciting is that?


Step 11: Be sure to check out your cPanel on Bluehost. That is where all the magic happens in the background. You can see all your stats, make changes to important information and add security as well as other items to your website. This is a very important place you need to check out and be familiar with!

I promise you, you will not regret using this host which is known as one of the best hosting serves out there. If you don’t believe it, google it and you will see it yourself.

Furthermore, most people use WordPress as it is the best tool you can have to create your own blog. It can’t be easier than using WordPress! No doubt about that.

So, are you ready to create your own blog and even make a lot of money?

Click HERE to sign up for Bluehost and create your own blog!!! I also use the Foodie Pro theme with the Genesis Framework. OMG! What a difference. I have used multiple different themes before, but these are so worth every penny. Also most other premium themes on wordpress require a annual membership and the free ones lack a lot or have problems. Trust me I know what I am talking about. But Genesis! I love it. You will always need to child theme like Foodie Pro with it. But now the sky is my limit on how I can design my ow website! Love it.

Once you reach over 30,000 page views per month on your website, be sure to sign up for Mediavine as it is in my opinion one of the best ad publishing network on the internet! I cannot recommend them enough! They do all the hard work for you and you get paid using ads.

Once you reach 100,000 page views, I would highly recommend to switch to AdThrive which is what I did. I got 20% more money and have even less ads on my website. AWESOME!

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Learn how to start your own blog in 5 Minutes! Dreams do come true

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    1. Yes, you can. But if you want to earn money down the road, you will have a hard time as free websites do not allow ads or affiliate links and you will have to transfer everything and that will take time and money. Just wanted to provide you with all the details. But yes, you can have a free website too.

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