5 Easy Ways to Join Crochet Pieces Together

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This is a summary of 5 basic ways on how to join crochet pieces together. You can use needle or crochet hook to seam or connect two or more crochet motifs or pieces. 

There are many crochet patterns that instruct you to work seamlessly in rounds rather than rows. These crochet pieces do not require any sewing or connecting afterward. Infinity scarves, hats, raglan sweaters are just some of the crochet projects that can be worked in rounds without any need to sew them up afterward. 

However, there are many patterns that call for you to join separate crochet pieces together. These include crochet garments worked in separate pieces, hats made from basic rectangles or even amigurumi toys. 

Different Methods of Joining Crochet Pieces Together

Sometimes sewing up your project at the end can be just as important as crocheting the separate pieces. Just imagine sewing up your crochet sweater you worked so hard on, only to end up with ill fitting garment because the seam is all wonky or too visible.

Same goes for hats made from rectangles that can easily fall apart if they are not sewn up properly. Crochet toys can be tricky to get right. Especially sewing all the separate pieces together in a hope of creating a cute looking toy. Only to end up with a disappointing looking scary toy! 

To help you achieve a neat and tidy looking crochet project I have put together a list of basic techniques on how to seam or connect two or more crochet pieces together. These are very simple and beginner friendly techniques that you will master in no time at all.

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They are all very different from each other and would be perfect to use for different projects. Some of them use needle and yarn or thread to create a neat seams. For the others you can use your trusted crochet hook and basic crochet stitches you have practiced before. 

Connect Crochet Pieces together 5 ways

5 Easy Ways to Seam or Connect Crochet Pieces

These are my 5 trusted techniques on how to seam or connect two crochet pieces together. I use each technique for a different project. Some are more suitable for garments and some for amigurumi. After you have practiced these a few times, you will find the perfect technique. 

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1. Basic Whip Stitch Joining Method

This is one of the most basic techniques of joining two crochet pieces together which is commonly used in both crocheting and sewing. In both instances, it is usually used to sew together two separate pieces of material with flat edges.

When used on crocheted works, the whip stitch is nearly invisible. It is probably one of the first techniques you will learn when you start crocheting and seaming pieces together. Whip stitch is one you will need to use a needle and a piece of yarn or thread. 

You will need to line up the two pieces together precisely so they do not end up looking wonky. Thread your needle with yarn and work through the stitches at an angle, one at a time, in a zig zag direction.

You will work through one stitch at a time from back to front or front to back. You can choose the direction but make sure you stick to working the stitch in the same way.

After you seam across the full length of your crocheted piece, gently pull the two layers apart, causing the stitches to flatten evenly against the crochet fabric. Check out THIS TUTORIAL on how to clear create the whip stitch step by step.

You can use a yarn in coordinating color to mask the seam. However, you can use a contrast color yarn and make the whip stitch seam stand out and part of the design.

2. Using Crochet Slip Stitch to Join Crochet Motifs Together

This is an easy way to seam two pieces together using a slip stitch. Great for bags, afghans, and sweaters. The advantage of this method is that it is as fast and easy as the stitch itself.

Slip stitch is super easy crochet stitch that is amongst the first stitches you will learn as a crochet beginner. When you are learning this super simple stitch, you will not even realise how versatile it is!

However, the biggest advantage of using crochet slip stitch as seaming method is that is is easy to frog if you make a mistake! You will not need a seam ripper if you make a mistake. Simply let the working loop off the hook and pull!

This is especially handy for a first time crochet garment makers. However, slip stitch is rather popular for more experienced crocheters too because it is easy to fix if a mistake does occur. 

THE SLIP STITCH creates a visible seam on one side more than on the other. This is something to bear in mind when using this technique of seaming two pieces together. 

3. Single Crochet Stitch Used to Join Crochet Pieces Together

Single crochet seam creates bigger edge than slip stitch. The seam sits on top of the edge and creates another dimension on your project.

With single crochet seam you have two options. You can either work it on the right or the wrong side of your project when joining crochet pieces together. If you decide to work single crochet seams on the right side they can make nice, decorative edges on seams. However, if worked on the wrong side and then turned out the right side out, it can be a bulky internal seam. 

Whichever side you will decide to use the SINGLE CROCHET STITCH, you’ll want to hold the seam together in several places. This is to make sure you’re working evenly if you’re not working stitch for stitch. 

There is no right or wrong way to use this seaming technique, you just need to keep these details in mind.  

4. Mattress Stitch Seaming Method

The Mattress Stitch is one of my favourite seaming techniques. This clever technique prevents a seam from being seen. It creates an amazing invisible seam when joining two crochet pieces together.

You will need to use needle for this technique. Line up and hold the two crochet pieces slightly apart. You will be working through the middle of the “V” of crochet stitch.

Alternating between front and back crochet piece, you will create a longer bars of the mattress stitch. You will then need to pull tight on the working yarn to close the stitch and bring the two pieces together. This completely hides the seam.

The seam itself is flexible, neat and firm, making it perfect for finishing up several projects – from jumpers and cushions, to that vibrant patchwork blanket you’ve always wanted to finish. Learn HOW TO SEW THE MATTRESS STITCH FOR CROCHET EASILY

Sew Mattress Stitch for Crochet

5. Join As You Go Crochet Method

Large crochet patchwork blankets are so beautiful. However, the thought of having to sew together hundreds of tiny squares is rather off-putting for some. With join as you go (JAYG) method this labor-intensive part of blanket making can be easily eliminated.

This is a super speedy technique of joining crochet motifs together. With this technique, you can connect crochet squares or geometrically shaped pieces by crocheting them together without adding additional rounds to each piece. 

Crochet Join as you go method for blankets

You simply crochet the motif, such as a granny square, to an already finished square! You will be  using slip stitches at certain points of the pattern. The connecting points are usually the chain spaces which are replaced by slip stitches which connect onto the other square. 

CROCHET JOIN AS YOU GO METHOD – EASY VIDEO TUTORIAL TO CONNECT GRANNY SQUARES TO BLANKET is a handy tutorial on my website that dives deeper into this game changer of a technique. 

Connect and Join Crochet Pieces together 5 ways

Whichever method you will choose for your next project, I have one advice for you. You need to give yourself plenty of time to work on your seams.  After spending huge amounts of time and effort on crocheting all the different parts of your project, rushing the joining can lead to sloppy seams and who wants that?!

I hope this basic collection of 5 ways to seam or connect crochet pieces will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to pin this article to your Pinterest Board for future reference.

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5 Ways to Connect Crochet Pieces
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