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10 Best and Most favorite Christmas Stocking Free Corchet Patterns by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #pattern #christmas #stocking #pattern #collection #free #favorite #best

When it comes to Christmas, one of the most important decorative items are the Christmas Stockings. And for all the crafty people out there, it will always look best when you created your own Christmas Stockings; in this case all crocheted.

In this pattern collection round-up I present to you the best and my most favorite Christmas Stockings from my crochet designer friends.

Where I grew up, we did not have Christmas Stockings. So now that I live in the United States, it not only became special to me to have my own Christmas Stocking with my name on it, but to have a unique one, created on your own and to get one gifted that was crocheted.

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These Christmas Stockings look so fabulous and just warm my heart when I see them as lots and lots of love, sweat and tears are brought into them to make them so special. Anyone would be happy to have one of these Christmas Stockings.

10 Best and Most favorite Christmas Stocking Free Corchet Patterns by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #pattern #christmas #stocking #pattern #collection #free #favorite #best

Since it is now the beginning of Christmas it is even more important to get them done quick if you have not made them yet. So let’s get our crochet hooks and yarn and make these wonderful free crocheted Christmas Stockings.

I have all the links to these 10 best and my most favorite free crochet patterns of Christmas Stocking listed below. And to make your decision even easier, I have them all listed with pictures as well.


I hope you enjoy this awesome collection. Make sure you share the link to this collection on social media please, so other get to see and enjoy them also. Thank you!

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10 Best and my Most Favorite Free Crochet Patterns of Christmas Stockings

1. The first one looks as elegant and as christmasy as it gets. the red and white make it catch your eyes instantly and the fluffy ribbing makes you want to snuggle up in them as well. Get the pattern HERE

2. When it comes to quick and easy Christmas Stocking crochet patterns, this one is for sure on my top list. It also makes a perfect last minute gift as well. Get the pattern HERE

3. One of my most favorite crochet pattern designs lately is the fair isle pattern. It looks so elegant and pretty. This Christmas Stocking looks like professionally made. Get the pattern HERE

4. Many times, when you really want to make your own crocheted Christmas Stocking, you just need one that as a pattern that is easy, but does not include too many basic stitches to make it look harder to make then it really is. This pattern for sure is one of them. Get the pattern HERE

5. This Evergreen Christmas Stocking is so pretty as it is easy to make. The crochet pattern includes only basic crochet stitches, but due to the color changes makes this pattern catch the eyes of everyone entering your family room. Get the pattern HERE

6. Recently the plaid stitch became extremely popular and well known how easy it is to crochet it. So grab this free pattern and try it out. Get it HERE

7. I really like this Christmas Stocking crochet pattern as it includes another very popular crochet stitch pattern called the corner to corner (C2C). Get the pattern HERE

8. This crochet pattern is so adorable. Any child would be happy to have a Christmas Stocking like this. Get the pattern HERE

9. Sometimes crochet pattern designers include multiple patterns on one post. Well, this crochet Christmas Stocking post includes 2 patterns. I love both of them. Get the patterns HERE

10. I love how this one includes only Granny Squares. It looks not only easy to make, but also very gorgeous. Who would not love to have a Christmas Stocking like this one? Get the pattern HERE

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10 Best and Most favorite Christmas Stocking Free Corchet Patterns by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #pattern #christmas #stocking #pattern #collection #free #favorite #best


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