10 Adorable Free Animal Crochet Patterns

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Collection of 10 adorable animal crochet patterns that you must make. Cute tissue box covers, toys and hair tie projects for you to make.

Crocheting animals has always been so popular. Even if you are not a toy maker, I am sure at some point you crocheted an animal. Whether it was a classic amigurumi crochet animal or you have just used it as an element in your project.

I am really starting to enjoy making animal patterns of some sort. And it seems like they are extremely popular too! Especially my animal tissue box covers. In fact, I always get asked to create even more crochet animals. So I will for sure do that as I enjoy crocheting them.

Here you will see a collection of free animal patterns that I absolutely love. Whether it is my own pattern or someone else’s pattern, I am sure you will fall in love with these.

10 free adorable crochet animal patterns

10 Cute Animal Crochet Pattern Ideas

I have put together a sweet collection of animal crochet patterns for you. Quick and adorable were the criteria I have stuck to when choosing these patterns.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your children or an adult, I am sure you will find a cute animal to crochet in this collection.

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How about making a cute crochet tissue box cover to hide those ugly boxes in your home. Tissues are always handy to have nearby, but you do not have to look at a plain box anymore.

I have also found the cutest lion, unicorn or jellyfish pattern I just had to share with you! Check out the free crochet animal patterns below and let me know which one is your favorite!

Crochet Animal Owl Tissue Box Cover

I simply love making tissue box covers. They are fun projects you can make quickly. And the possibilities are endless!

You can customize them in any way you wish. You can pretty much take any animal or object and make it into a tissue box cover.

This animal-themed crochet cover is a beginner-friendly pattern. It is made in separate pieces which you then sew together. All you need to add is big eyes and beak and you have a cute owl!

You can find my OWL TISSUE BOX COVER – FREE CROCHET PATTERN on my website.

Crocheted Blue Owl with a orange nose

Crochet Giraffe Animal Pattern

Giraffes are very tall and very cute-looking animals. Make this adorable toy for any child and they will be the happiest.

The crochet giraffe is wearing a knitted scarf which is included in the pattern. However, if you can not knit, you can totally crochet one instead.

Find the free animal crochet pattern on THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Giraffe Animal Pattern

A Sleepy Crochet Fox

This is one of the cutest fox crochet patterns I have ever seen. The sleepy fox is so cute! Why would you not want to make one?

It has a wonderfully large head which makes it really cute and adorable. It is 17 cm tall which is the perfect size, not too small nor too big.

You can get the free animal crochet pattern HERE.

Crocheted Sleeping orange fox

Piggy Bank Tissue Box

This piggy bank cover was so easy and fun to create. You can first make the cover for the tissue box. Once you run out of tissues, you can use the empty box as a piggy bank.

Isn’t that super fun? You get two items in one! Check out my PIGGY BANK TISSUE BOX – FREE CROCHET PATTERN which is available for free on my website.

Crocheted pink Piggy Bank Tissue Box Cover

Crochet Songbird

This is a cute little animal crochet pattern for a sweet bird. You can welcome the spring season and warming weather by crocheting this cute bird.

The pattern works up fairly quickly, you can finish a bird in a couple of hours. You can even make a flock of these songbirds!

You can add cute eyes too by embroidering them or using safety eyes. To get the free pattern, click HERE.

Crocheted Pink and Purple Bird sitting on  hand

King Of Animals Crochet Lion

If you love safari animals you must make the king of them all – crochet lion! This is a super cute lion that will become an instant favorite with the recipient.

The pattern also offers three different options on how to make the mane. So you can completely customize the finished look of this crochet animal toy.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to check out the free crochet pattern.

King Of Animals Crochet Lion

Crochet Elephant Hair Tie

Crochet elephants have always been a popular make to work on. Whether you use the image of this magnificent animal on a crochet blanket, pillow, sweater, or as a toy, the project will turn out super cute.

I have used this idea for an elephant hair tie! You can use it for long hair where the ponytail becomes the elephant’s trunk.

The ears have such a cute shape that they remind me of a bow you can wear in your hair.

This pattern is so fast and super easy to make and is perfect for any occasion, whether it is for a birthday, a party, or just for fun on a school day.


Grey Elephant Pony hair tie attached to a mannequins head on a white surface

Jellyfish Crochet Animals

Very cute jellyfish, don’t you think? These cute guys double up as a bathroom decoration too. They are made with cotton yarn and can be used as a fun way to dry your hands. The yarn was sturdy and held its shape well, especially in the curly cues, but was still soft enough to cuddle with!

Of course, you can just use them as snuggle toys. Crochet jellyfish animals are also popular with premature babies. They twiddle with the tentacles which calm them down and remind them of something familiar.

The length of the jellyfish is up to you and how you want to make and arrange the curly cues. It will be between 15 – 18 inches. You can get the free crochet pattern HERE.

Crochet pink purple and blue jellyfish animal hanging in front of a white wall

Violet The Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn Animal

Unicorns are magical creatures that are so very popular! Just imagine if you can make one and gift it to the unicorn lover!

It has bright colors, a soft and squishable body, and a magical design. This sweet stuffie would make the perfect playmate for a child (or a unicorn-loving adult!

The finished toy measures 32 cm which is wonderfully large to snuggle with! You can also personalize the crochet unicorn with the recipient’s favorite colors to make them really happy!

Find the free animal crochet pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Violet The Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn Animal

Cute Shark

This super cute crochet shark is easy to make too. It is essentially a crocheted ball with fins attached to make it into a shark.

Add a cute face and sharp teeth to finish off this cute-looking crochet shark. It would also make a lovely gift. With the popular kid’s song, this will be a great match.

You can make one for the kid’s bedroom and create an underwater theme. Get the animal crochet pattern HERE.

Crochet animal grey white shark with teeth

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