15+ Cute Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

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This is a compilation of over 15 crochet Christmas ornaments patterns. Give these pretty ornaments as gifts or use them to decorate your own tree.

Christmas might just be my favorite time of year. The two things I look forward to the most during the holiday season are baking and decorating. The Christmas music…the smell of sugar cookies baking in the oven…arranging all of my favorite decorations throughout my home…I just love it!

Of course, as a crocheter, I enjoy being able to make a lot of my Christmas decorations. This year, I needed a little extra inspiration so I scoured the internet and found some of the prettiest and most festive crochet Christmas ornament patterns.

Check out this festive collection of free crochet ornament patterns.

15+ Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

Over 15 Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

Crochet these beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Choose from various items, whether you want to make a cute little penguin wearing a scarf.

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Or maybe you’d like to make a colorful granny square bauble! Find both patterns below.

I have found beautiful and festive crochet Christmas ornament patterns from little stockings, to sweaters, to coffee mugs, to baubles and more.

Check out the compilation of ten free crochet candy patterns below!

Crochet Santa Belt Ornament

The Santa Belt Ornament is a very easy Christmas ornament to make. It does require changing colors for just a bit to create the belt and buckle, but it’s not hard at all – I promise.

If you’re running short on (crochet) time this holiday season, then this Santa belt ornament pattern is just what you’re looking for. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this pattern works up!


Crochet Santa Belt Christmas Ornament

Crochet Holly Leaves and Berries

This free pattern is for holly leaves and berries. You can use these as ornaments for your tree or as little decorations around your home! This would even look great as part of your holiday dinner table setup.

No matter how you choose to use the holly leaves and berries, they are sure to add a festive touch to any area of your home for the holidays.


How to Crochet a Holly with leaves and berries

Crochet Bow Pattern

This pretty crochet bow has many uses! Make several to perch on the branches of your Christmas tree. Or use them as pretty, handmade toppers for your gifts. These would even be pretty hanging from a garland – if you make it long enough, you could even string it around your tree!

I love crochet projects that have many uses and this easy crochet bow is no exception. What will you use it for?


yellow bow crochet

Crochet Bauble with Hearts

Add a warm touch to your crocheted ornaments this year by making this pretty Christmas bauble with hearts.

Choose to alternate colors on each row as I did, or make the main portion of the ornament all one color and have a contrasting color for the heart. This is a fun pattern that works up quickly.

HOW TO CROCHET A CHRISTMAS BAUBLE WITH HEARTS is a free tutorial on my blog.

Christmas Baubles with Heart - Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Crochet Snowflake

Learn how to crochet this super cute and easy snowflake. Decorate your Christmas tree with these lovely snowflakes.

Use them as hanging ornaments or make a long colorful garland, the possibilities are endless!


Snowflake Crochet Pattern Free

Crochet Pinecone

Here is a unique crochet pattern for pinecones! We are always making bright and colorful ornaments, but these crochet pinecones help bring a rustic vibe to your holiday decorations.

Use these pinecones as ornaments for your tree or as added decorations to a Christmas buffet, mantle, or table.


Pinecone Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Baby Penguin

These little penguin ornaments are just adorable! Plus I love all the details on these little guys.

From their little Santa hats to their scarves (and the little button on their scarves!), to the blush on their cheeks…these penguin ornaments will look cute on any Christmas tree this holiday season.

THIS PAGE has the free crochet pattern.

Baby Penguin Crochet Ornament

Granny Square Baubles

Call all granny square lovers! If you love granny squares then you are going to love this granny square bauble pattern.

Since each color uses just a tiny bit of yarn, this is a great way to use up those yarn scraps. These multi-colored ornaments are sure to brighten up your Christmas tree.

Check out THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

Granny Square Bauble Pattern

Christmas Tree Ornament

These adorable little Christmas tree ornaments feature a star on top along with some stitching to resemble a string of multi-colored lights. With the addition of eyes, these cute tree ornaments seem to come to life.

This Christmas tree ornament will make a great addition to your Christmas tree or holiday decor.

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Amigurumi Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

Stocking Gift Card Holder

As much as I love all of the bright holiday colors this time of year, I can’t help but admire the rustic look of these Christmas stocking ornaments.

What’s special about these crochet ornaments is that they serve more than one purpose. Not only are they ornaments, but they are actually gift card holders as well!

Additionally, I love all of the different cuff options for these stockings. Choose from a ribbed cuff, furry cuff, or just a plain cuff.

You can get the free crochet stocking ornament pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Stocking Gift Card Holder Crochet Ornament Pattern

Pastel Christmas Baubles

These pastel Christmas crochet baubles are so pretty. Of course, you could use any colors of your choosing, but I am really loving the soft look of the pastels on these baubles.

You can add to the design of these pretty baubles by stitching on a zigzag pattern or little stars…I really love the addition of the Gold Lurex used in this crochet pattern also.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Pastel Crochet Bauble Pattern

Gingerbread Head

I am in love with the gingerbread ornament! To begin, it’s extremely beginner-friendly, using just basic stitches in the round to create a circle/ball. Then you will just fill it with polyfill.

To bring him to life, you will add some eyes and stitch on a smile. His rose cheeks are made from tiny crocheted circles. Pretty easy, huh? I’m definitely going to be giving this one a try.

Get the free pattern HERE.

Gingerbread Head Crochet Ornament

Little Mug Ornament

Learn how to crochet little mug ornaments with this easy pattern! Again, this aptternhas options and I am loving them.

You can stitch on a little Christmas tree or a snowflake. You can even decide what drink you want to make! Choose from hot cocoa with little marshmallows or coffee with whipped cream or a cinnamon stick!

This would make a really great gift option as well. You could personalize these with each of the recipient’s favorite drink. How fun would that be??

Get this free crochet mug ornament pattern HERE.

Crochet Mug Ornaments

Christmas Gnomes

I love simple and quick when it comes to crochet – especially this time of year when I have a list seemingly a mile long of things to crochet!

These little Christmas gnomes work up quickly and easily. In short, you’ll make 3 simple hearts, put them all together, and then you’ve got the cutest little Christmas crochet gnome ornament!

You can find this free crochet pattern HERE.

Christmas Crochet Gnome Pattern

Starbucks Coffee Cup Ornament

Another day, another Starbies – am I right?? This is a great design for all my Starbucks-loving gals out there.

Celebrate your love for coffee with this adorable little coffee cup ornament. This is another great gift idea for all of your coffee-loving friends and family members too!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Starbucks Cup Crochet Ornament

Crochet Gingerbread Houses

I know, I know. These are not technically Christmas ornaments…but they are worth noting because many of the accessories (candy canes, peppermints, wreaths, etc..) on each of these gingerbread houses actually double as Christmas ornaments!

Make sure to check out the GINGERBREAD HOUSE PATTERN and the GINGERBREAD HOUSE TISSUE BOX COVER for more crochet ornament inspiration.

I hope you love these crochet Christmas ornament patterns as much as I do. 

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15+ Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns
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