Best Wool Nylon Yarn for Crochet – Ombre Chroma Yarn

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Wool can be simply amazing. But add nylon to it and ombre style colors, and you will have this beautiful Chroma yarn. This review focuses on the best wool nylon yarn mentioned in the Crafty Crochet Review Show.

If you know me, you know that I’m not a fan of wool. Most of the time it is scratchy. But in the last few years, yarn brands have created some twist to the scratchy yarn and made it not only softer but also even more beautiful. I love ombre nails and you will see them in my Youtube videos over and over again. But when I found this new yarn called Chroma I felt like my dream of ombre yarn became true. The colors are truly amazing and the color transitions are smooth and even. Simply an ombre yarn dream come true in a form of wool nylon yarn.

Chroma yarn has so many different color combinations that you will for sure find one you will love. I come up with new designs all the time using this awesome yarn. It works up nice and easy and doesn’t split at all.

This yarn is ideal for pouches, bags, hats, scarves…. actually for any project you may dream of. It will create eye-catching products for years to enjoy.

To make it easier I created a complete video review about this amazing yarn – through the Crafty Crochet Review Show which is held every Friday at 12pm, PST on Youtube. You can sign up here for reminder emails.

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Best Wool Nylon Yarn – Video Review

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Ideal Crochet Patterns using Wool Nylon Yarn

If you like this yarn and would like to try out some patterns with it, then these might be perfect for it:

  1. Snowflake Tapestry Crochet Pouch
  2. Tunisian Smock Pouch
  3. Easy Crochet Zipper Pouch
  4. Phone Stand Wedge

If you would like to try more patterns, you can also get them without ads, plus extra support, games and tutorials through THE CROCHET CLUB, my VIP crochet membership. Read more about it here:

Best Wool Nylon Yarn by WeCrochet plus Crochet Patterns

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Best Wool Nylon Yarn
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