How To Crochet The Perfect Cable Stitches Flat And In Round Every Time

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This is a free tutorial for creating the perfect crochet cable stitches every time. The tutorial has both photos and videos. The tutorial covers how to make cables in the round and flat.

When looking up cable stitches, they appear most prevalent in knitting.

Perhaps that is because the stitch was first perfected for knitting needles.

However, that doesn’t mean that cables can only be made using knitting.

Crochet, too, has developed techniques for creating beautiful cable-like stitches.

These techniques can be used in almost any creation from hats and scarves to blankets and sweaters.

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If you love the weaving and flowing of the cable stitch, now you too can make perfect cables every time!

How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Crochet Cable Stitches Tutorial

This crochet tutorial provides you with the most detailed instructions on how to do the Perfect Cable Stitches every time.

No matter whether you make it flat or in a round.

Furthermore, it will explains how to crochet cables no matter how many stitches you want to crochet.

Lately, I am not only into how to make the perfect beanie or hat every time. But also how to include as many and as different cable stitches in my work as possible.

When I recently asked my followers whether they would like a very detailed tutorial on how to make the perfect cable stitches every time, I got an amazing amount of YES, PLEASE!

So, you ask and I deliver. Let’s first talk about generally what cable stitches are and how you can make them perfect no matter the stitch count.

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What is a Cable Stitch anyways?

A cable stitch is a textured stitch assembling twisted robes that can be achieved by knitting or crocheting.

Cable stitches usually look like two robes twisted around each other.

But one can also make cables into a french braid for which I have a tutorial coming up very soon.

For crochet, you would use either just front post stitches, if made in a round.

Or you use both front and back post stitches when making cables flat.

If you have never made those stitches before, click HERE and learn them first.

Between each round or row of twisted cable, one usually, but does not have to, create a round or row of straight front or back post stitches.

How many stitches do I need for the Perfect Cable Stitch?

As ideal cable stitches are 2 robes twisted around each other, one can decide how wide the cables should be.

However, as they are always 2 cables or robes the number you pick needs to be an even number.

Let’s say you would like a cable that 6 stitches wide. Then each twisted robe of the cable has 3 stitches each.

You can see this example of this example of the cable below.

How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round

Therefore, another example would be the number 10 for a cable stitch.

In that case you would create two sets of 5 stitches that twist around each other.

The higher the number of stitches you want to crochet, the bigger the front post stitch needs to be.

That prevents having the cables stretch out and create big holes or gabs on either side of the cable.

So if you have 6 stitches, I would recommend using front post treble crochets (fptr).

But for 12, I would either use front post double treble (fpdctr) or front post triple treble (fptrtr) stitches. Find higher and bigger basic stitches HERE.

How do I crochet the Perfect Cable Stitch in a Round?

In order to make the perfect cable stitch in round, you will only need to know how to crochet the front post stitches.

This way is actually much easier and less confusing than crocheting cable stitches flat.

In the example below, I show you how to crochet a cable stitch with a set of 3 stitches. So. the entire cable has 6 stitches.

In order to make it easier for everyone, I did not take too many photos on how to make the cable stitch.

But rather have an incredible detailed video tutorial below. Be sure to check that out.

In order to create the perfect cable stitches in a round, you can have a round of any stitch before starting the round of cables.

In my case, I just had double crochets as the previous round.

Once you get to the point of creating the cables, you will need to start using front post stitches and make them twisted.

In order to make them twisted, you will start with the second set of cable stitches before crocheting the first set.

That means, when you have 6 cable stitches in total, you will first crochet front post stitches onto number 4, 5 and 6.

Then go back and crochet the same type of stitches onto 1, 2 and 3, in that order.

For the example below, I made front post treble crochets (fptr).

Because I did not want the cables to stretch too much or create big gaps or holes on either side of them.

I crocheted normal double crochets in between the cables. This provides more dimensions and also the dc’s are the about the same height as a fptr in a diagonal.

How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round

Tutorial in Round continued

Once you finished the round of twisted cables, you can either repeat that round to make a tighter cable.

Or you can crochet a round of straight front post stitches.

I used the tighter cable stitches on one of my hats before and really like it also.

In the example below, I crocheted a round of straight front post dc’s by going from the stitches 1 thru 6 without skipping stitches first.

Also, I used the same type of stitch as the surrounding stitches of that round to create the same height.

Which means I used fpdc’s instead of fptr’s because I used dc’s between the cable stitches.

You should always keep that in mind when creating your own design.

sample worked in round

How do I crochet the Perfect Cable Stitch Flat?

Now let’s talk about how to create the perfect cable stitches flat.

This version can be more complicated for some people. You have to turn your work and can’t see exactly where to crochet due to the twist.

So, I will try to explain it step by step to make it easier.

But I do have an extremely detailed video tutorial below. Incase you need a more visual representation on how to create the perfect cable stitches flat.

The amount of numbers and stitch types to choose for the flat version of the cable stitches is exactly the same as the round.

With only the difference of using back post stitches when you are on the wrong side of your project.

To make it more clear, I used the same amount of stitches and the same type of stitches for the flat version as I did for the round one.

Which means I used 2 sets of 3 stitches to make one cable.

I also added 2 double crochet stitches in between the cables to provide more visualization.

So, on the picture below you can see again that I created fptr’s first on the second set (stitches 4, 5 and 6.

Before crocheting the same type onto the first set (stitches 1, 2 and 3) of a cable.

How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Flat Rows Tutorial Continued

Once you finished the row and turn your work you will see that you can easier repeat the previous row.

However, you make it back post instead of front post stitches.

Or you make straight post stitches. Which in this case have to be back post stitches as we are on the wrong side of the work.

In this case, I created straight back post double crochets from right to left (left to right if you are a left handed crocheter).

Meaning the stitch number would go backwards if the stitches keep the numbers as the previous row.

So, start making back post double crochets from stitch 6 through 1.

How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Once you finished the row, it should like the picture below.

the back of the sample worked in rows
sample worked in rows

Then you will turn your work again. You would work on the perfect cable stitches that are twisted again on the right side of the work.

You would repeat the same process as before.

Which means you have 2 rows you repeat over and over again until you are done.

Are there types of stitches that look like cables?

Yes, there are. I also have a detailed tutorial on how to create the Woven Cable Stitch on the Woven Cable Basket.

It is similar as the general cable stitch, but slightly different. Be sure to check it out.

It is more advanced though. The same is true for the Celtic Weave Stitch. Both I love both of those a lot!

A very detailed Video Tutorial on how to crochet the Perfect Cable Stitch EVERY TIME:

Now you learned the basics of the perfect cable stitch! Let me now show you a video tutorial on how to crocheted it flat and in a round.

I combined both versions in one video. It is a bit longer than usually, but it is super detailed.

It should definitely help you if you are a visual learner. Enjoy.

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Final thoughts

I hope this tutorial on how to crocheted the perfect cable stitches every time flat or in a round was helpful and useful to you.

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And to top it off, you help me as it allows me to create more content that you love already and want to see more of – free crochet patterns and tutorials. So, thank you for sharing.


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How to crochet the perfect cable stitches every time flat and in a round by Nicki's Homemade Crafts
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  1. Thank you for this video. Im going to make some hats using the cable stitch. I love how you explained the stotch it clicked as soon as you drew it and then demonstrated how to do it. Im so excited.

  2. I have been crocheting for over 50 years and am proof that you’re never too old to learn. I never knew that you could create cable stitches with crochet! Finding your You Tube videos gives me the opportunity to learn so much about crocheting. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with us, your videos are very clear and concise.

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