5 Useful Tips on Crocheting with Worsted Weight Yarn

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Worsted weight yarn belongs amongst the most popular yarns to crochet with. I am bringing you 5 useful tips and tricks on crocheting with this yarn and free crochet patterns!

Worsted yarn is such a popular yarn weight. It is the middle road between yarn being too thin and too thick. Thinner yarns are popular too for the amazing drape they create. However, working on a project using fingering or sports weight will take considerably longer.

If you fancy a speedy project that you can finish fast, you would more than likely reach for bulky or super bulky yarn. However, these yarns are not suitable for a lot of projects especially wearables.

But using worsted weight yarn means that your project will work up fairly quickly without being too bulky and thick. Hence why it is such a popular yarn weight.

Crocheting with Worsted Yarn Weight Tutorial and Patterns

Everything You Need to Know About Worsted Weight Yarn

Read on for 5 useful tips and tricks on crocheting with worsted weight yarn, free crochet patterns, and everything you should know about this yarn.

5 Tips to Crocheting with Worsted Yarn Video Tutorial

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1. What is worsted weight yarn?

As I mentioned above, the worsted weight yarn is in the middle in terms of thickness. Depending on where you live worsted weight yarn can be referred to as Aran weight or medium number 4 yarn.

The thickness of the yarn is determined by WPI. What does that mean? The abbreviation stands for wraps per inch. This means how many times you can wrap the yarn around to cover an inch in length.

There are specially made tools you can use to determine the thickness of your yarn. However, wrapping the yarn around a solid ruler would work just as well. This technique is especially useful when you use your yarn label and can not remember what weight this mystery skein was.

Based on WPI the worsted weight yarn has between 9 and 11 WPI. The measurement is given as a scale. The final number varies on brand, fibre content and the process how the yarn is made and spun.

Worsted weight yarn is one of my favorite yarns and I love using it. It is super versatile, you can use it for a wide variety of projects. From crochet toys through blankets and throws to some autumn/winter garments and accessories.

2. S twisted versus Z twisted yarn

That’s right! There are two different ways the machine twists the yarn, s vs z twisted yarn. Many people have not heard about the difference but there really is!

S twisted yarn is the standard way yarn is twisted. When you look closely at a strand of yarn, it will resemble letter S or twisting on letter S direction.

This yarn is widely spread, in fact most of the yarn is S twisted. It has been created first for right handed knitters. A few years ago knitting was the most popular and there were mostly right handed knitters.

By twisting the yarn in S direction, they made sure that the yarn does not untwist when used by a right handed knitter. However, if you are a right hand crocheter this might not be the greatest fit.

By using your crochet hook to yarn over you are actually untwisting the yarn. If the yarn is only lightly twisted, this can result in a yarn that splits and is not very neat to work with.

But if you are a left hand crocheter, you are in for a treat! By working with S twisted yarn you are actually going with the direction as opposed against it. This means you are twisting the yarn tighter resulting in a lovely stitch definition and neat finish.

Z twisted yarn

A few years back, yarn companies started producing yarn especially for crocheters. We call it Z twisted yarn. This means the machines twist the yarn in the opposite direction resembling letter Z on closer inspection.

It does not untwist when you use it for crochet projects. Mainly aimed at right handed crocheters due to the way we yarn over.

Despite of all the science about the way yarn is twisted, there is not a huge difference in using either for your project. Both yarns look just as good in a finished piece.

I have dived deeper into this topic in WHY SOME YARN SPLITS – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN S VS Z TWISTED YARN if you want to find out more.

3. What hook size is suitable for worsted weight yarn?

There are a lot of different factors that will determine which hook size you should be using. You do not want to use hook size that is too small as you may split the yarn. However, using a hook that is too large will leave your project full of gaps.

The yarn label will give you a hook suggestion to use with that particular skein. Depending on the project you are working on, the hook sizes can range from 3.5 – 4 mm all the way to 6.5 – 7 mm.

For smaller projects like amigurumi or crochet bags you would opt for a smaller hooks to minimise the gaps. However, for wearables or blankets you would go for a larger hook to create a little bit of drape and softer fabric.

The other thing you need to take into consideration is tension. It varies widely between crocheters. You should always start a project with creating a tension square to determine the hook size you should be using to achieve the same effect as the pattern you are following.

Depending on the outcome of the tension square you can adjust your hook size by choosing a smaller or larger crochet hook.

4. Which projects is worsted yarn suitable for?

Worsted weight yarn is one of the more popular and widely used yarn weights. Therefore there are many crochet patterns using this particular yarn weight. It is such a common and well loved yarn type there are many projects you can use it for from blankets, hats, scarves, toys, garments or home decor. 

What is also important when choosing yarn is the fibre content.

Cotton yarns are suitable for projects that need to be durable. Whether that is washcloths, potholders or dishcloths, you use these to clean and mop up water. Secondly we need to wash these more often than any other project.

Acrylic yarn is very versatile, however it is not very heat resistant and not the most suitable for durable projects. It is a man made fibre, not natural. It is a lovely yarn for home decor items like blankets or cushion covers.

Natural fibres like wool or alpaca are lovely to use for garments or accessories. However, they are not very resistant to heat so need to be washed on gentle setting otherwise they can felt and get misshapen. 

Free crochet patterns using worsted weight yarn

With worsted weight yarn being my favorite, I have used it in many projects. 

LINKED CROCHET WASHCLOTH – FREE CROCHET PATTERN If you are a beginner in crochet and just want to learn a new stitch or have a small challenge, this for sure is a great project for you. It makes a great addition to any home or even have it be part of a stunning gift set.

Linked Crochet Washcloth which is a Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

I love fold-over ribbed hats like my EASY WINTER RIPPLE HAT – FREE CROCHET PATTERN, more than any other hat style. Even though they require a bit extra work to make, they are so worth it in the end. They keep your ears warmer and you can adjust them from a tight fit to a more slouchy hat easily.

Ripple Hat Free Crochet Pattern

BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND TOP CROCHET PATTERN FOR BEGINNERS is such an amazingly easy pattern that will make you want to create more wearables. You make this top out of 2 rectangles. You sew them together to create a V neck top.

Crochet Pattern for Diamond V Neck Top

5. Worsted Weight Yarn Examples

There are so many different brands and makes of worsted weight yarn. However, I would like to share my all time favorite yarns I use all the time for a variety of crochet projects.

Dishie Yarn from WeCrochet is my absolute favorite for so many different reasons. It is super affordable 100% cotton yarn that is suitable for so many projects. I am delighted with how soft it feels for cotton yarn, well twisted which means it doesn’t split.

It is easy to work with yarn with a tight spin and high absorbency. Soft but extremely durable as well suitable for hardwearing projects that will last for years, even with daily use. Made for dishcloths, kitchen projects such as hand towels or rugs, toys, and market bags. 

Brava Worsted is one of my go-to versatile yarns. It is an affordable 100% acrylic yarn that is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It is a hard-wearing yarn that works well for projects which require durability and easy care. There is a wonderful range of bright and vibrant colors to choose from.

Make accessories such as hats and scarves, gift baby blankets and garments that new parents will love or crochet afghans and home accessories.

Whims Merino adds a lovely, airy bounce and drape to your garments without the need for blocking your finished project. It is a Z- twist yarn. We have especially aimed this yarn at crocheters. It is a yarn with a soft sheen and beautiful rich color.

Furls Crochet Whims Merino Z Twisted Yarn

The yarn is plyed in the same direction that you move your hook – rather than separating as your work, the Z-Twist Whims Merino yarn will maintain ply and firmness. 

Crocheting with Worsted Yarn Weight Tutorial and Free Patterns

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5 Tips to Crochet with Worsted Yarn
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