How To Finger Crochet – Crocheting Without A Hook

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Finger crochet is an innovative technique of crocheting without a hook. Follow my tips and tricks and crochet with just your fingers.

Finger crochet is a technique that not many people have tried or ever heard of. It is simply creating a crochet fabric without a hook. All you need is your fingers!

It is a fun technique that you can use to create a crochet project. It produces a light fabric with a lot of drapes. This is due to the stitches being large as you use your fingers to create them.

Crocheting Without a Hooks -- Finger Crochet Patterns

When To Use Finger Crochet?

Finger crochet technique is especially useful for areas where carrying a crochet hook is not allowed. You can simply bring a squishy ball of yarn with you and you are set!

On the other hand, you might have hooks with you but not a size suitable for the yarn. Finger crochet works especially well with super bulky yarn and is thicker. You could also use a few strands of yarn held together.

These yarns usually require large crochet hooks which not every crocheter owns. This is when crocheting without the hook with just your fingers comes in useful.

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How To Finger Crochet + Yarn Suggestions

If you have never tried this technique before, I suggest using super bulky yarn. It is the right weight to make using your fingers easy. You can also see the stitches and loops much better.

Super Bulky Yarn Suggestions:

  1. WeCrochet Super Bulky Mighty Stitch Yarn
  2. Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn
  3. Lion Brand Hometown Yarn
  4. Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick Yarn

To crochet without your hook you will need two fingers – your index finger and your thumb. Although you will be replacing one tool with two fingers, it makes it so much easier.

The bottom line is, you will create the stitches exactly the same way. However, you will use your fingers instead of a crochet hook.

How to Start – Video Tutorial

Like with any other project, you will start with creating a slip knot. Usually, this part of the project is created with your fingers anyway. There are many ways to make a slip knot, you just need to find a technique that works for you.

To create the stitches you will use your index finger and thumb to pull the yarn. Your index finger will act as a holder. It will hold all the individual loops of the stitch as you go through the process of creating it.

Your thumb will be grabbing the yarn together with your index finger. The pinch of these two fingers together will replace the actual hook part of your crochet hook.

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Crocheting Without a Hook Stitches

The most important thing to remember when using this technique is not to create the stitches too tight. You will need to push both fingers through the loops so keep that in mind.

To create the foundation chain, firstly push both fingers through the loop of the slip knot. Secondly, grab the working yarn and pull it through the loop. Repeat this process until you have as many starting chains as your project calls for.

Crocheting without a hook - finger crochet

Single crochet is the easiest stitch to create. Simply insert both fingers through the loop, grab the yarn and pull through.

Crocheting without a hook - finger crochet tutorial

Then with both loops resting on your index finger, insert your thumb through both loops and pull the working yarn through.

Crocheting without a hook - finger crochet for single crochet

For taller stitches like half double, double crochet, or treble crochet, you will need to yarn over your index finger first. Then simply finish the stitch by pulling the working yarn through loops with the pinch of both fingers.

Patterns Using Finger Crochet Technique

I love using this technique. I created two patterns using finger crochet where you do not need to use any hook.

My 30 MINUTE HAND COWL – FREE CROCHET PATTERN is the perfect crochet pattern for a beginner who has just started to learn how to crochet. It uses only single crochets and is therefore very basic.

I literally made this cowl in 30 minutes with just my hands. No crochet hook is needed. The 30 Minute Hand Cowl is so cozy and snuggly, but still light and warm at the same time. You will want to use it all the time.

30 Minute Hand Cowl - Finger Crochet Pattern

The second pattern using this technique is my 30 Minute Hand Beanie. It shows you how to crochet a beanie easily with simply your hands and no additional tools in less than 30 minutes.

The beanie has loose construction, but that is what you achieve when you make it using just your hands. But because you only use single crochets the holes are not too big and still provide plenty of warmth.

30 Minute Hand Beanie Finger Crochet Pattern

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Crocheting Without a Hooks - Finger Crochet Patterns


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Crocheting Without a Hooks - Finger Crochet
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