How to Remix an Amazing Crochet Hat Pattern Easily

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You will learn how to remix a hat crochet pattern easily to make it fit your needs and have the perfect hat you desire for yourself or for someone else.

“Darn! It won’t fit!” How often have you tried to change a crochet hat pattern to make it fit and it still won’t fit the persons head you are making it for? It can get very frustrating.

I’ve been in your shoes and know how you feel. It makes you feel like you wasted your time, you never want to see that pattern again or give up crochet completely.

But you do not have to feel this way. It’s actually much easier than you might think. There’re only a few techniques you should consider to get familiar with so you will never have a problem again.

Learn to remix a Hat Crochet Pattern

The Mistake you are Properly Making about Remixing a Hat Crochet Pattern

Most people simply switch out the yarn, never thinking about yarn weight or hook size when trying to change a designers pattern. Well, that might work sometimes, but not always.

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You will end up with a hat that is way too small or way too big. It might also look very wonky and stretched and just not promotional.

But what do you really need to focus on when changing a designers crochet pattern for your own personal use (not to re-publish or sell as your own)?

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Stop Guessing and Start Measuring your Projects

Now, let me tell you how you really need to get the perfect hat or beanie when remixing a pattern. First, you will need a measuring tape. I find that that is the most important tool you will need when changing someone’s crochet pattern.

You can use any yarn weight or color you wish. Really! You can! Even if that pattern did not use that same yarn type. Now, remember, the goal here is to remix the pattern, not follow it to the T to have the same result as the designer. We actually want to change it and then look similar, but perfect for the way we need it.

Kirsten from Kristen Holloway Designs created an event she called the Designer Remix 2018 where a number of designers exchanged their patterns with one another and had them change it up a bit and make it their own, but still look very similar.

I picked the “Check” me our Beanie (FREE till the end of November, 2018 using the code CHECK)by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations which I loved so much. This hat pattern originally was in one color only, using worsted weighted yarn, and had a crab stitch edging.

When I recently went to Michaels, I bought some Caron Pantone yarn in the color combo “Summer Forest” which I thought would look perfect for this pattern. I had one minor problem that I need to risk. Could I make the hat and still have the colors change after every section? I did not know. So I simply tried it.

Hat Crochet Pattern remixed

I changed the hook size to match my yarn type that was bulky which  recommended 6.0mm hook. I then started to follow the pattern. I used my Reference Table so I could see how far I needed to follow the pattern before changing things up. I wanted to make sure it would still fit an adult head. After measuring the diameter of the last round of increasing rounds I realized I needed to follow the Child size pattern instead of the adult one. It made sense since I increased the yarn weight and hook size.

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Then I started to change colors every 4 rows. It was the perfect amount of yarn for each section. So, my risk worked out for me. However, I ran out of yarn during the very last round which is for the crab stitch. As I realized that the hat fit me already perfectly even without the last round, I skipped it all together.

close up of the Remix Hat

The Surprising Truth about why I became a Pattern Designer

So, the moral of the story is take risks and be okay if they aren’t working out. Furthermore, always use a measuring tape when changing a designer’s pattern for your own personal use so the gauge will not match the ones listed in the pattern. But instead, go by the common measurements in reference tables that are available for certain types of patterns.

And finally, just have fun crocheting and remixing a crochet pattern the way you like it. It truly is fun to play around and find your own style. In fact, that is actually how I realized I wanted to become a pattern designer. I started changing other designers patterns for gifts and then completely created my own patterns without looking at other patterns at all anymore. I am so glad I did! I can’t imagine my life without my own blog.

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Remix a Hat Crochet Pattern easily

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