Small Crochet Heart Keychain – Free Pattern

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The Small Crochet Heart Keychain is a free pattern. The pattern is perfect on its own as the keychain shown here or as a decal on any gift for Valentine’s Day.

The crochet heart keychain bounced merrily on the backpack as if it thought this was going to be the best day ever. The keychain sure was a lot more energetic than she felt.

First days of school were always super nerve-wracking, but first days in the middle of the school year were the worst. Slumping into her chair she laid her head on her desk and prayed that she would remain unnoticed. No such luck.

“Hey, cool keychain,” said a voice. She glanced up. “Uh…what?” “I said cool keychain.” He smiled at her, sitting with his legs splayed around the back of the chair in order to face her.

“Oh…uh…thanks.” “Did you make it?” “Well, no. An old friend did. But I know how.” “Sweet.” He smiled at her expectantly.

“Um…is there something else?” “Will you teach me?” She felt a little taken aback. “Wait…you want me to teach you to crochet? Why?” He shrugged.

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“Why not? It looks cool. And you look cool. So it’d give us a chance to hang out.” She smiled, supposing that maybe the small crochet heart keychain was right after all. Well, as much as inanimate objects can be right.

Crochet Small Heart Keychain Pattern

Crochet Heart Keychain Design

Make this cute little crochet heart keychain for yourself or a friend. The pattern can also be used as a decal on any other pattern. The little heart appliqué would be cute added to a card or gift wrap for a store-bought gift. You can add a touch of handmade to any gift with this cute crochet heart pattern.

This crochet heart keychain pattern is so cute and perfect for pretty much anyone. You can make one for yourself or as a quick gift for a loved one or a friend. It is so easy to make so even a complete beginner can accomplish this project.

It is a super quick crochet pattern. I made this project in less than an hour from start to finish. If you run a craft or market stall, this would be a lovely addition. It would be a top seller, especially around Valentine’s Day.

I used Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Yarn, but you could use any other yarn. As this crochet heart keychain only takes very little yarn, it would make a great stash-busting crochet project.

Just be aware to use a smaller or larger hook (depending on which yarn you pick) and realize that the heart either shrinks or gets bigger than this pattern. So cute though, right? 🙂

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Free Crochet Pattern Pinterest Graphic

How to Crochet a Heart Keychain

Materials needed

Heart Keychain Pattern Instructions

  • Make 2 hearts
  • Ch 4
  • You will now work every stitch into the same chain which is the 4th chain from the hook. Place these stitches in this order into the 4th chain from the hook: 3 tr, 3 dc, Ch 1, 1 tr, Ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr, Ch 3, sl st into the same Ch as all the other stitches, do another sl st towards the back of the heart to hide the yarn
  • Fasten off and weave in the ends, unless you want to sew it onto something. See below for instructions for the keychain.

In order to make the keychain: Sew the wrong sides together and attach that double heart to a key ring like it is shown on the picture above. I made a chain of 6 and reconnected it to the heart, fastened off and weaved in my ends. DONE:-)

Crochet Heart Keychain Video Tutorial

In the video tutorial below you can see how I made a heart in two different ways. For this pattern I used the first heart pattern shown. Here is the Video tutorial for how to make small hearts 2 different ways:

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Small Heart Keychain - Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts
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