Best Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks By Clover – Detailed Review

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This review will show you why the Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is the best set on the market for Tunisian Crochet. Check out the photos and the video for the details and how to buy it.

Believe it or not, until recently I hadn’t crocheted Tunisian in years. Seriously! I was hooked when I first started and bought my first Tunisian Crochet Book. Tunisian Crochet is such a special crochet technique. In case, you don’t know, it’s a combination of crochet and knitting. The foundation to Tunisian Crochet is Linked Crochet, which is an ideal starting point that doesn’t require a Tunisian Crochet Hook.

I realized that the first-ever Tunisian Crochet hooks I got were either just straight and really long hooks or had permanent extension cords that were either floppy (like a rubber tube) or hard plastic or metal that wasn’t bendable and hard to work with. So I gave up! For years!

Until I went to Creativation in January and got to see the new Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks, after which Clover sent me a set for a review for free (all opinions in this review are mine).

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set Review

Features of the Tunisian Crochet Hook

I’m so impressed. The bamboo is not too heavy and has a beautifully smooth texture. The Tunisian Crochet hook is the right size for my hands and makes holding it very comfortable in my hands. But the best part is the cord!

The cord is clear plastic with metal screw parts on either end. The cord screws onto any of the Tunisian Crochet hooks in that set. And on the opposite side of the cord, you’re able to screw on a stopper. The cord can be twisted without the hook moving at all. WOW! That makes crocheting so much easier.

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Before I show you in detail each part of this amazing set, I would like to show you 4 Tunisian Crochet Stitch Tutorials that were made using this set. Each tutorial has lots of photos and a video to allow you to learn each of them step by step:

  1. Tunisian Simple Stitch
  2. Tunisian Knit Stitch
  3. Tunisian Purl Stitch
  4. Tunisian Full Stitch

The Most Important Part of all: What you’ll get in the Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

To really show off how amazing these hooks are, I decided to create a video review as well as a detailed photo review.

After checking out both below, let me know whether you will get these hooks, too, and give them a try. When I tell you there are amazing, I’m telling you the truth. Every time I crochet, these are my go-to favorite hooks for Tunisian Crochet.

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Tunisian Crochet Hook Set Video Review

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The Tunisian Crochet Hooks in the Box Set

So, when you first get your Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook set, it will look like the picture below.

You see right away that you are getting 9 bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks in different sizes that are all nicely sorted in a beautiful and sturdy pouch.

Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set by Clover

The back of this box shows exactly what you’ll get once you open it. The Tunisian Crochet Hook sizes range from E (3.5mm) to L (8.0mm). You’ll also get 5 stoppers and 5 cords in the sizes 16, 24, 29, 36 and 48 inches.

Box Information of Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

The Stoppers of the Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

The stoppers are made from a nice smooth wood that have the name Clover carved into them on one side and have the screw end on the other side which is placed onto a foam pad inside a small pouch on the large pouch.

Stoppers of the Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

The Cords of the Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

Right underneath the stopper pouch, you have 3 pockets that are filled with the 5 different sized cords. You can see that the ends of each cord are identical which means it won’t matter where you attach the stopper or the Tunisian hook.

Storage Bag of Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

The cord can be quickly attached to the stopper and the Tunisian crochet hook. Furthermore, the transition between the cord and the stopper or hook is very smooth. No stitches will get stuck when you crochet with them.

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set and cables and stoppers

Also, the cord twists on its own when crocheting which means that it won’t get uncomfortable when you crochet a large size project with many crochet stitches.

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set Close up

The Pouch of the Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

When you want to store the Tunisian Crochet Hook set, you simply fold it up and pull the strap through the end. It holds very firmly together even when you pull the strap a bit. That feature makes me feel more peaceful as I know I won’t lose any of my accessories within the pouch when I place it inside my project bag.

Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set folded

Now, that you understand what you can get in this amazing Tunisian Crochet Hook set, let me tell you that I already created two free crochet patterns with this set. The first pattern is the Tunisian Block Scarf and the second one is called the Tri-Color Tunisian Scarf. Each pattern comes with a video tutorial as well to help you along with the written pattern.

The Break-Through Moment: Review of the Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

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Best Tunisian Crochet Hook Set
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