Amazing Crochet Potholder – Double Thick Diagonal Free Pattern

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This free crochet pattern is for a Potholder that is double thick and diagonal. This pattern is made using linked crochet stitches as well as Dishie yarn from WeCrochet and includes a full video tutorial for the pattern.

Mother’s Day is coming up. As my mom lives far away from me, I need to make sure I get my gifts done early so I can send them to her. My mom loves cooking and baking just as much as I do. So a perfect gift for her needs to be related to that.

I went back and forth with ideas on what to make. And I finally settled on something I know she will appreciate. A handmade gift that prevents her from burning her fingers and also looks amazing: a variegated colored potholder.

Potholders can be made in many different ways. But I found a technique that seems like it was challenging, but actually isn’t at all. And mixing this technique for a diagonal and double-thick potholder with variegated yarn makes it extra special.

And if you are like me, you like going the extra step to really make sure she will not burn her hands using this potholder. So making it double-thick and using 100% cotton yarn is not enough. I made sure to use linked double crochet stitches to really eliminate as many gaps as possible. Now I’m satisfied and can sleep well knowing it looks great and is 100% functional.

Using Linked Crochet for Safety for Potholders

If you never heard about Linked Crochet you are for sure not the only one. It doesn’t seem to be well known. But it for sure should be. It is a Crochet technique and type of Tunisian Crochet. However, to make it more visually understanding, I like to say it’s an in-between of Regular Crochet and Normal Crochet.

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Using Linked Crochet allows you to remove the gaps that are usually created when crocheting regular crochet stitches. With linked crochet, you connect a just-made stitch with a new stitch during the “yarn over” part of a stitch before even inserting your hook into the next stitch. What a cool way to eliminate gaps between stitches. That allows you to create crochet projects that are safer to use for any hot situation such as holder hot pots.

Combining stitches, techniques and inventing new stitches mixed in with lots of laughter and humor is what The Crochet Club is all about. No more “my work is not good enough” or “it’s not perfect”. You will experience how to be the best crocheter you always wanted to be. Be proud of every stitch of your work.

Now let’s talk about what the best yarn for this project is, shall we?

Crochet Potholder Free Pattern - Double Thick Diagonal plus video tutorial pin image

Best Yarn for Potholders Crochet Patterns

Well, that all depends on what you prefer but it should be 100% cotton if you will use it with anything hot. I like using really soft and sturdy yarn that can last a long time and won’t stretch too much. So I thought the WeCrochet’s yarn “Dishie” was the perfect yarn for this handy and functional potholder. If you prefer subbing the yarn you can easily use any other cotton yarn for this project. Just make sure it’s worsted weighted yarn.

Since Dishie yarn is made with either solid, twist, or multi yarn colors, you can easily choose your preference and style.

Each type of yarn will provide this potholder with a unique look while keeping it double thick and diagonal in the end.

Get the PDF of the Potholder

So, let me now give you the supplies you need in order to crochet this handy pattern.

Raverly favorites

This pattern is also available as an ad-free, printer-friendly pdf pattern that can be purchased at the links below for only a small fee.

Buy the Crochet Pattern on Ravelry
Buy the Crochet pattern on Etsy

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How to crochet the Double Thick Diagonal Potholder

Materials you will need


4 sts x 2 rows = 1 square inch


8 x 8 inches (can be made bigger or smaller)

Stitches used in the pattern

Learn all the basic crochet stitches HERE

Double Thick Crochet Potholder Pattern
Video Tutorial

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Free Written Pattern for the Potholder

You’ll crochet the Potholder by first making a chain and then crocheting around it. It will look like a small pouch first. It will be folded to a square with diagonal rows and seamed together.

Crocheting the linked crochet rounds

Ch 30 (or more or less)

R1: starting from the 2nd ch from the hook and into the BACK BUMP, 1 atc (2 stacked sc stitches), 1 ldc in each ch till the end, now turn your piece and crochet into the chains from the other side (so you create a round), 1 ldc in each ch, sl st to the first st

R2-10: 1 atc, 1 ldc in each st, sl st to the first st

The number of rounds may vary depending on your hook size, yarn and tension. So you crochet need to add more or less rounds.

Crocheting Potholder in rounds in variegated blue yarn double thick

Finish the Diagonal Potholder

To see if you have enough rounds, fold the first of the last round made, with the halfway point of the same round towards each other. That will make the two stitches touch each other and create a square. If they don’t touch each other and you see a gap, you will need more rounds. And iff the square turns wavy and the rounds overlap instead of touch each other, then you added too many rounds and frog.

If your square is ready and the last round touches each other, you need to seam those stitches together. I prefer the mattress stitch but you can also use the whip stitch, slip stitch or single crochet stitch.

Feel free to add a loop to one of the corners so you can hang up your potholder. My mom usually has hers in a drawer so she doesn’t need a loop.

Finished Crochet Potholder in variegated blue yarn double thick and diagonal

Potholder Pattern can also be used to make a Washcloth

Finally, fasten off and weave in all your ends and enjoy your easy and stylish potholder. Personally, I think it would also make a great washcloth. So feel free to make a few extra, maybe a bit bigger, and use it for your bathroom or as a spa gift box washcloth.

Be sure to join my Crochet Facebook Group and show off your crochet potholder creations after using this pattern. I would love to admire them and cheer you on as you work on creating them.

I’m also always here to support you through this and any other pattern and tutorial. Simply ask in my group and me and other amazing and kind crocheters will help you along.

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do.

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3 Crochet Potholders made double thick and diagonal

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Double Thick Diagonal Potholder
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