5 Easy Crochet Hook Storage Patterns – Practical and Beautiful

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I have put together a collection of 5 easy crochet patterns for functional crochet hook storage from hook holders to hook pouches, find your next crochet project.

We all have that one favorite crochet hook that is just perfect. It is our favorite size and color, it is comfortable to hold and the yarn glides over it smoothly.

Maybe you had a custom crochet hook made just for you by the many talented small business owners making crochet hooks.

If you come from generations of crafty people, maybe you inherited one from your mom or grandma. Crochet hooks make great gifts too, from friends for birthdays or from your lovely kids for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day since many fathers and men are picking up this craft, too. Whichever hook it is, they are all super special.

Just imagine this for one moment- you lost it! I know all hooks can be replaced with another one but sometimes hooks are like that favorite T-shirt. It just won’t be the same! It won’t be the same to work with or to hold. And no replacement will hold the same sentimental value as the original!

I have been on the lookout for the perfect crochet storage for quite some time now! However, I was never fully satisfied with any store-bought crochet hook roll or holder. Why? We all have different collections of hooks and notions. So, thinking that one hook holder is going to be perfect for all of us is crazy, right?

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Crochet Hook Storage Patterns

Custom Crochet Hook Storage Ideas

I always find the hook rolls do not have enough space for all my hooks. I am sure we all have a favorite crochet hook size and end up buying about 5 different hooks all in our most used size.

But where do you store them safely? Most store-bought crochet hook storage has 1 pocket for each hook size. If you try to put 5 different 4 mm hooks in there, it won’t fit in the smaller pockets and will easily fall out of the larger ones.

This brings us right back to where we do not want to be as crocheters – losing our favorite crochet hook.

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Let’s not forget that we are holding one of the most powerful tools in the fiber world – crochet hook! So why not create the perfect storage solution for crochet hooks with an actual crochet hook?!

This way you can completely customize the crochet hook storage to your taste! You can adjust the size of each hook compartment to fit all of those five 4 mm crochet hooks.

And why have a pocket for 1.5mm hook which you do not even own! You can also add extra pockets for other notions like scissors, stitch markers, tape measures and many more little gadgets. 

I have even incorporated a large pocket for printed patterns into one of my designs for all the old-school paper pattern crocheters. You can absolutely make your crochet hook storage as functional as you want.

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5 Easy Crochet Hook Storage Patterns

So let’s dive straight into 5 easy crochet patterns you can create to store your crochet hooks. These are all practical crochet hook storage solutions that I just love! They all have great functional features from pockets to different hook compartments.

You can customize any of these patterns to you specific needs. Whether that would be making them bigger or smaller, adding more pockets for extras or changing the sizes of the crochet hook pockets. It is totally up to you which one you choose and how you customize it!

Crochet Hook Storage Video Tutorial

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1. Crochet Hook Case with Zipper

This is a brand new pattern on my website which I am so excited about! It is my CROCHET HOOK CASE WITH ZIPPER AND POCKETS – FREE PATTERN AND VIDEO TUTORIAL. This is such a quick and easy crochet hook case project that even a beginner will be able to do.

The zippered crochet case has pockets to hold all different items, even a small notepad which you can use to jot down quick notes as you work. It requires literally no sewing up at all, all you need is a hot glue gun.

The main part uses single crochet stitches which are easy to do. There is a large pocket at the front of the case that can be used to store all the essential items you need while you crochet. It has a simple closer to keep everything tidy and organised. 

I have a full video tutorial on how to make this crochet hook storage case so even a total beginner can create one!

Zippered Crochet Hook Case with Pockets Free Pattern

2. Crochet Hook Holder

HOW TO CROCHET A CROCHET HOOK HOLDER WITH EXTRA STORAGE – EASY PATTERN is one of my all time most popular patterns! I love this hook holder as it looks like a paper book or a journal which I think is pretty cool!

It has plenty of storage inside for many hooks of all different sizes. It also has a small pocket on the inside to store extra notions like scissors, tape measure or stitch markers.

But the coolest feature of this crochet hook storage is the large pocket at the back. It has a huge pocket for letter-sized papers to be stored inside the book-like case. It is large enough to carry A4 size pages which could be your favorite printed crochet pattern or the latest issue of a magazine!

This hook holder is only available as a premium PDF pattern which you can purchase separately. However, you can get access to these patterns and all my other PDFs if you join me over in The Crochet Club.

Crochet Hook Holder Crochet Pattern

3. Tunisian Smock Pouch

My EASY TUNISIAN SMOCK POUCH – FREE CROCHET PATTERN is super fun to make. If you have never tried Tunisian Crochet, this crochet hook storage pouch would be a great place to start.

The pattern has full photo and video tutorial to guide you through the pattern. This crochet pouch has added lining and zip to provide stability. I have chosen the Tunisian smock stitch to serve another purpose.

As you can see this cool stitch creates small loops which can be used to keep your stitch markers or pins safe. It is created from a simple rectangle piece of fabric so you can make it as big or as small as you wish. You can even make it large enough to accommodate the length of Tunisian hooks! 

Tunisian Smock Pouch Crochet Pattern

4. Snowflake Tapestry Pouch

This Snowflake Tapestry Pouch can also easily be used for a pencil pouch, for make-up storage or other little things you carry around every day. It is simple to make but looks rather complicated.

The design is elevated by using variegated yarn to make the snowflake stand out. It uses single crochet stitches worked through the back loop only. The technique creates a beautiful snowflake design using tapestry crochet. HOW TO CROCHET A SNOWFLAKE TAPESTRY POUCH WITH THIS EASY PATTERN gives you all the details you need about this premium crochet pattern.

You can purchase it from my pattern shops or get it automatically after you join The Crochet Club- membership only club.

Snowflake Tapestry Pouch

5. Easy Crochet Zipper Pouch

This easy crochet patterns uses a sewing machine to attach the zipper to the insert or lining of the pouch. However, if you do not have a sewing machine or are not confident to do that, you can also do it by hand or even not add a lining at all.

You will create the lining for the pouch first by sewing it onto the zipper. Then you will simply crochet around the zipper and finish it off.

Furthermore, this free crochet pattern features the Linked Half Double Crochet, which is not only super easy, but it also prevent gaps and provides the pouch a nice dense texture.

This means you will not see the lining thru the crochet stitches. EASY CROCHET ZIPPER POUCH – FREE CROCHET PATTERN is available here on the website.

Easy Crochet Zipper Pouch as a free crochet pattern includes some diy sewing parts showing off crochet hooks inside as storage

I hope you enjoyed this crochet hook storage ideas round up of patterns. I would love if you share this collection with your crafty friends using the social media share buttons below! Do not forget to pin this page to your favorite Pinterest crochet board for future reference. 

5 Crochet Hook Storage Patterns with videos

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5 Easy Crochet Hook Storage Patterns
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