Soft Yarn – Super Snuggly Yarn for Crocheters and Knitters

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This is a huge collection of soft yarn that crocheters and knitters can use when they would like to touch and use snuggly yarn. All of them are affordable and of high quality.

Last weekend, I had a brilliant idea for a new crochet pattern. I imagined how it would look. Yes, like in 3D. I closed my eyes and it’s right there. But then I looked at my yarn stash and had to figure out which yarn to pick for the project. Not easy, when you have so much yarn. So I started chatting with an amazing crocheter and follower and asked her what I should do. She said it boldly and without even thinking: “soft yarn”!

Which got me thinking, do crocheters and knitters know what yarn is soft? Well, I asked and the answers were all the same: please make a collection of your favorites. Perfect! So here it is. My all-time favorite soft yarns I use all the time and highly recommend!

There are more yarn types out there that are soft, but I just don’t use them often. So I will mention a few of them in the end. I mean, we need to see more, right? Aren’t we all “Yarn Obsessed”?

Soft Yarns for Crocheters and Knitters

How I Find the Best Yarn

I love working with different yarn brands and their yarns. I’m most excited when I get to test some out before they even hit the market. It allows me to really tell you what I think before being influenced by what others think about it.

For the last 2 years, I went to Creativation, a showroom full of crafters and yarn companies, that show off their beautiful new products to other craft businesses. I was able to touch and test some of the yarn before they were available to buy. Some of that yarn is now on the market.

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After a while, I found some that I seem to grab over and over again. Let’s check them out together, shall we? If you wanna know how I organized my yarn, check out here my 5 different ways.

Soft Yarn Collection

1. WeCrochet & Knit Picks Yarns

My favorite cotton yarns of all time are Dishie and Billow. Dishie is a worsted weighted yarn and comes in different variations. It is so easy to use and super soft. It makes the perfect yarn for washcloths and dishcloths. I show close-ups and how it works up for the solid Dishie here and the Multi and Twist on Youtube here.

Billow, on the other hand, is the most amazing and super snuggly bulky cotton yarn that is ideal for hot pads or potholders. I showed it off on Youtube here and even worked up a swatch.

WeCrochet Dishie Yarn

Worsted Weighted Yarns

Now, when it comes to general worsted weighted yarn these are my favorites, You can use for quick projects or even cardigans. Mighty Stitch has actually 3 different weights (worsted, bulky and super bulky). I show off a close-up and how it works up here on Youtube.

Brava, worsted, is also super soft and easy to work with. Before Mighty Stitch was available, I used Brava yarn often. Now I’m split even between the two 🙂 Brava yarn also comes in 3 different weights (sport, worsted, and bulky), but I use worsted the most so I’m showing it off here.

WeCrochet Mighty Stitch and Brava yarn

Extra Snuggly Yarns

Now, if you need really snuggly yarn, then Fable Fur yarn needs to be in your yarn stash. It is so amazingly snuggly, it’s feels like you are touching clouds. In fact, I’m working on a cardigan using this amazing yarn, just so I can feel like I’m in a cloud. 🙂

I have created a video of this yarn on Youtube that shows off its beauty even more and how easy it is to work up. If you need a quick pattern for this yarn, this crochet pom pom pattern is so easy and quick and perfect for hats and beanies.

WeCrochet Fable Fur

Now let’s chat about some different yarns which all have a different purpose when it comes to crocheting and knitting with it. The Alpaca Blend is an upcycled yarn. Yes, leftover yarn made into this super soft and silky goodness. It has an amazing drape and will make an amazing scarf or shawl.

Comfy Color Mist yarn is another awesome cotton yarn that I actually used in this free hat crochet pattern. Provincial Tweed is soft with a flare of extra texture, whereas the Snuggle Puff yarn has exactly what the name says – extremely soft and snuggly.

Soft Yarn WeCrochet Snuggle Puff, Upcycle, solor mist and tweed

2. Lion Brand Yarns

Lion Brand Yarns have a lot of amazing yarn. But I had to pick some that I love the most and find to be so soft and easy to work with. Well, Truboo is not only soft, but also super silky. It makes the perfect yarn for shawls, earrings and so much more.

Coboo was first introduced to the world at Creativation 2019 and I was in love as soon as I touched it the first time. It is seriously so soft, I just want to have a bed made out of it.

However, Feels Like Butta is heaven made into a yarn. Soft, snuggly and just so perfect for any pattern in which you need softness and warmth, such as pillows, cardigans, and scarves. I used this yarn for my popular Phone/Tablet/Book Wedges Stand pattern.

Soft Yarn Lion Brand Truboo, Coboo and Feels like Butta

3. Furls Crochet Yarns

Whims Merino is the newest creation from Furls Crochet and comes with a z twist which makes it easy to work with for right-handed crocheters. If you want to learn more about z vs s twisted yarn, please check out my article here.

This yarn is not only soft, but also has amazing stitch definition because of its twist, which I showed off here on Youtube. I also used this amazing yarn for my Scrunchie pattern.

whims merino Yarn Furls Crochet

4. Premier Yarns

When it comes to Anti-Pilling yarn, Premier yarns was and always has been the leader. It is amazingly soft and easy to work with. I used it for so many of my patterns in the past which you can see here.

anti pilling Premier Yarns

5. Other Soft Yarn Favorites

Although I can’t list all of the yarns that are amazing, I would like to mention that I also love Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn”, Red Heart “Amore”, “Hygga” and “Soft” as well as Yarnspirations “Bernat” yarns.

6. Soft Yarns Crocheters and Knitters also like

When I asked in my crochet group “Crocheting with Nicki”, crocheters mentioned these yarns as their favorites:

  • Caron Simply Soft
  • Yarnspirations Velvet
  • Lion Brand Mandala
  • Yarnspirations Bernat Softee Baby
  • King Cole’s Cherish
  • Lion Brand Pound of Love

What are your favorite soft yarns?

I hope you love this Soft Yarn collection as much as I do. If you love this pattern and technique, please use the social media share buttons above or below and share this pattern link with the world and your friends.

That way you will find it easily again when you need it and you also provide the world and your friends with the ability to gain extra crochet knowledge as well. And to top it off, you help me as it allows me to create more content that you love already and want to see more of – free crochet patterns and tutorials. So, thank you for sharing.

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Soft Yarn Collection
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  1. Nicki, THANK YOU!!! This is a superb article so thoughtfully researched and written. It is such a welcome to me as I had a hard time discerning exactly what to use. So many of the people I make things for constantly ask for ‘soft’ yam, so you can only begin to imagine how grateful I am for this information. Many, many hugs (at 6 feet!) for all the wonderful things you do to keep us “hooking happy”. Eileen

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