10 FREE Patterns Using Cotton Yarn for Crochet

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This is a collection of free crochet patterns using cotton yarn. Cotton yarn for crochet is a practical choice because of its versatility and durability.

Using cotton yarn for crochet is a popular choice and with good reason. For starters, you can use cotton yarn for various projects such as shawls and wraps, kitchen towels, and area rugs. There aren’t very many projects that you can’t use cotton yarn for.

Another reason choosing cotton yarn for crochet projects is popular is simply because of its durability. It’s washable, which is a huge bonus for me. Plus cotton yarn projects can be used over and over again. For example, I have a set of dishcloths I’ve been using for literally years and they are still going strong.

So let’s take a look at just some of the amazing projects you can make with cotton yarn. Scroll down for this great collection of 10 free crochet cotton yarn patterns.

10 Free Patterns using Cotton Yarn for Crochet

10 Free Cotton Yarn for Crochet Patterns

With this variety of crochet cotton patterns, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

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Or maybe you are looking for something to use in your own home.

With this amazing collection of cotton yarn crochet patterns, you will surely find one to suit your fancy.

Cotton Crochet Bowl Cozy

This cotton bowl cozy has been super popular ever since I released this pattern. And I can see why. It’s easy to make, it works up quickly and it’s very practical.

For this particular design, I chose to use Lion Brand 24/7 Yarn and it works up perfectly.

Head to my blog to get the COTTON CROCHET BOWL COZY.

Microwave Cotton Bowl Cozy - Free Crochet Pattern

Cotton Yarn Crochet Hook Holder

This crochet hook holder pattern has been equally as popular as my bowl cozy above. This pattern is easily customizable, meaning you can make the hook holders the exact width you need for your crochet hooks. There are also pockets inside for storing stitch markers, tapestry needles and any other crochet notions you like to have on hand.

While the original yarn I used to make this hook holder is no longer available, my top suggestion would be Lion Brand 24/7 Yarn for this pattern.

You can find the free CROCHET HOOK HOLDER pattern on my blog.

Best Crochet Hook Holder Pattern

Cotton Yarn Spiral Kitty Lovey

If you’re looking for an easy and quick baby shower gift, this crochet lovey would be perfect. Anytime I make this for someone, they absolutely love it and tell me it’s their child’s favorite comfort toy.

This is made using the durable Dishie cotton yarn from WeCrochet. This yarn holds up well against the sometimes not-so-gentle tugging caused by your little one. Since it’s cotton it’s also completely washable.

Head to my blog for the free Crochet Spiral Kitty Lovey pattern.

Crochet Spiral Kitty Lovey Free Pattern

Double Thick Diagonal Potholder made with Cotton Yarn

Sometimes handmade potholder holders are either too thin or they are too hole-y causing my fingers to get burned – ouch! So I came up with an easy solution: a double-thick potholder made with small stitches.

You can use WeCrochet “Dishie” Yarn to make this easy cotton crochet potholder. Take a look at this DOUBLE THICK DIAGONAL POTHOLDER pattern for free on my blog.

Double Thick Diagonal Potholder

Crochet Book Cover using Cotton Yarn

This crochet book cover is unique and will protect your books from getting beat up while inside your tote bag. I chose to use cotton yarn for this particular design so that I’d have a durable solution to protecting my books while I’m out and about.

I used my go-to cotton yarn choice, WeCrochet “Dishie” Yarn for this book cover pattern.

You can find this CROCHET BOOK COVER pattern for free on my blog.

Crochet Book Cover

Crochet Apple Keychain Pouch

Do you find yourself rummaging through your purse or your cup holders for a spare quarter when you go to Aldi? I know I was! So I came up with a cute solution: I made this little apple keychain that fits a singular quarter perfectly. And I’ve never had to frantically search for an Aldi quarter since.

For this pattern, I used WeCrochet “Dishie” Yarn.

Head to my blog for the free CROCHET APPLE KEYCHAIN POUCH pattern.

Free Crochet Apple Keychain Pouch Pattern

Crochet Soap Saver Holder Pattern

As a crocheter, it’s always nice to have a little stash of ready-made gifts. These little soap savers are perfect. First of all, they use just a small amount of yarn so they are great for working through your yarn scraps. Second, they work up super quick so you can make a lot at once. And lastly, I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t use a soap saver.

Since they are made with cotton yarn they make wonderful earth-friendly gifts. I used Lion Brand Yarns 24/7 Cotton Yarn for my soap savers.

Learn how to make this CROCHET SOAP SAVER HOLDER PATTERN for free on my blog.

Cute Free Soap Saver Holder Crochet Pattern

Crochet Cat Bookmark

I guess you could call me a crazy cat lady. I love my two cats Lily and Loki. In fact, I designed this cat bookmark after Lily’s coloring: gray and white. I love the final result and so do lots of my readers because many of you have also enjoyed making this cat bookmark as well.

I used WeCrochet’s Multi Dishie yarn for this crochet bookmark pattern.

You can find the free CROCHET CAT BOOKMARK pattern on my blog.

Crochet Cat Bookmark Pattern Free

Crochet Keychain Cozy Pattern

This crochet keychain cozy is so practical. I absolutely love using mine! It’s perfect for storing my keys plus they don’t seem to get lost at the bottom of my bag as much.

I used Lion Brand Yarns 24/7 Cotton Yarn for my keychain cozy.

Head to my blog for the free CROCHET KEYCHAIN COZY PATTERN.

Cute Free Keychain Cozy Holder Crochet Pattern

Bottle Cozy Holder Pattern

I made this water bottle holder when I was in need of a hands-free option during a trip to our local amusement park. It worked out perfectly plus it was so easy to stay hydrated with my water bottle right at my fingertips all day long.

For this particular pattern I chose to use I used Lion Brand Yarns 24/7 Cotton Yarn.

You can find the free CROCHET BOTTLE COZY HOLDER PATTERN on my blog.

Cute Free Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern

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10 Free Patterns using Cotton Yarn for Crochet
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